Roadside "活" change mobile phone "order"

Roadside "活" change mobile phone "order"

From the roadside "活" to the mobile phone "order"; from all walks around the "Zero House"; from blindly live to the system accurately match … located in the zero market market in the city Salt Lake District Airport Avenue, through information technology The job seekers who make up the rest of the workers are easy to find. Since last year, in order to actively respond to the huge impact of employment, the Salt Lake District went out of the employment service new road, establishing the first part of our province, based on building excellent first-class hardware, introducing the sole smart employment in the province Service system, providing a waiter, job search information, skill training, labor rights, basic living service, etc., to create a first-class "zero home", let "zero" employment have a doorway, entrepreneurship has platform And the rights are guaranteed. "Warm +": The Zerote has a "triangular area" in the intersection of the Jiaoji North Bridge in his home, is a self-developed road labor market in the past 30 years. Three or four o’clock in the morning, there is a gathering of migrant workers who have gathered in the four sides of "活", especially in construction workers. A recruiting vehicle stopped, did not wait until the window opened, there will be a group of people going forward. "At that time, it was a guerrilla to find a live dry. If you have a life, you can go home if you wait until 5 pm, you can only go home.

"In the impression of Xiangxiang Xiangxi, the West, in such a way, you can have 20 days in the first day, caught up with bad weather, you can only" kneel in the family ", you can do anxious. This is the road labor market that is unordered, hidden danger, and is generally existed in the big city.

One is the problem of urban management, one is the livelihood of supporting the family. In order to solve this problem, the Salt Lake District converted a piece of land of the Salt Lake District Transportation Bureau to the Yuncheng zero market in December 2019. It officially opened the job seekers and the enterprise that had a job search personnel in September 2020.

Since then, Jingzhenxi and his coworkers can take four bus routes directly to the market, and they are their own homes. It was used to the construction of the roadside "活" and was brought into this zero market by the workers. After entering the park, the identity verification name registration personal information can enjoy the warm heart "520" market service model, "5" is 5 yuan a day, one is full of food; "2" is two every night The temporary lounge of Yuan money is convenient to go home to the distance of the distance; "0" is free to rent a variety of simple tools in the market, eliminating engineers to return the inconvenience of carrying tools. Now I find a job in the way, let the construction of Zhang, standing on the road, feel very decent. Similarly, I feel that the decent is convenient to find a worker’s customer. Yang Wei wants to find an air-conditioned worker. After a simple registration, after searching, in less than 10 minutes, I found the worker he needs. "First, all kinds of types of varieties in the zero-labor market are very complete, simple and convenient, find workers are also fast; second, use workmanship is very fair, is the market price, don’t worry about the problem of slaughter."

"Yang Xia said." The original intention of establishing the ‘Zero House’ is to provide a decent employment opportunity to make a decent employment opportunity, a environment that is shining, and also provides relevant vocational skills training, legal advice. Waiting for help.

"Li Wenkui, deputy director of the Salt Lake District Human Social Security Bureau, introduced that" Zero House "has been operated in more than 1 year, one side provides free career introduction, affordable catering and other services, let the staff are comfortable, decent On the one hand, establish a service management platform, to create an information file to enter the market, establish a sound labor laborer, optimize the management of the employee, and gradually form the brand of the zero-labor market. "The ‘Zero Market’ solves our ‘matching difficult, eat Difficult, difficult, traffic difficult, difficult to maintain rights, let us have a sense of belonging from many years! "Secure workers Zhang Qing told reporters that there is not only employment efficiency, but more importantly, let them feel the warmth of" home "that has never had passed." Wisdom + ": For the two sides to set up the bridge hall On the electronic screen, you will refresh the employment information every half hour. If you have an employer, you will notify the workers directly. "We actively adapt to the current wisdom of the market, pay more attention to market ‘software while strengthening market hardware construction. ‘Optimization, strive to achieve employment information’ a networkization ‘sharing, let zero can also be accurately employed by a mobile phone.

"The Director of the Public Employment and Talent Exchange Service Center of the Salt Lake District Human Bureau said.

In September last year, the Salt Lake District People’s Government is established, the Salt Lake District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau is dominated, the new comprehensive employment service platform of the Shanxi Lianzhong Yuncheng Branch is completed, introduced the only smart employment service system in the province, system set Intelligent recruitment software, integrated intelligent recruitment management tablet, information display screen, self-service one machine, remote video interview room, truly implementation of mutual integration under the online line.

At the same time, for the status quo of WeChat, the zero-labor market launched the "Zero House" network login platform and WeChat QR code. By building a network platform, the system can accurately sieve matching information, job seekers find work, work and take the initiative to find you".

"We give full play to the information of the people’s society to master job hunting and employment, and then collect more than 6,000 job jobs, continuous construction of market job hunting and management databases, better for college graduates, rural surplus labor and urban unemployed personnel," Employment service platform.

Li Wenkui, deputy director of the Salt Lake District Human Bureau, said.

In addition to the traditional offline job hunting, the zero-sales market has further expanded the accepted channels of job recruitment information, publish job recruitment information, broadcasted service coverage, and development of information platforms, for every job search at the WeChat public account. Establish an information file, file data is updated in real time according to the information platform system and the actual work record, and ultimately realize digitization, platform-specific management. "Service +": One-stop resolved the employment of the zero worker in 40 years old, women, there is a small number of people, the independent development capacity is limited … Solve the employment problems of such groups, need professional guidelines and training, can be connected to the right position . "Going out to work, I am not afraid of suffering, I want to make more money.

In November last year, Chen Meijuan, Dongguo Town, Yanhu District, in the Ziber Lake District, together with other employees, participated in the vocational skills training of the disabled elderly, including shampoo, feeding, turning over, knocking, etc. Essential career skills. "180 hours, around 20 days, I will hold a certificate.

"According to the actual situation of zero, the technical content is low, the undergail gas is the main situation, the Salt Lake District Human Department has been investigated, with more than 20 training institutions in the market, conducting professional skills training for the components, opening the home economy, dining, and moon The professional skills exercises, help the needs of the female group to obtain work skills, improve the employment ability of the zero. From the eager toxuality, Chen Meijuan’s 2021, from the clouds, now, Chen Meijuan’s housekeeping company is still stationed The zero-labor market provides one-stop service for the employment training of migrant workers. Zhang Jun, chairman of the housekeeping company, said: "There are three ways to train.

Some towns and towns in the suburban or cooperation, for the villagership employment, will provide skills training services through the employment office commissioning enterprise; there are some migrant workers, they will take the initiative to train them, seek work; finally orders training, missing demand units How many people will be unified. "We actively connect with all local employment and talent service centers, human resources companies, Red Star Mei Dragon, etc. "Ren Pingheng said." Employment aid " Special Job Fair promoted the "zero-worker" employment; a new work cooperation symposium constructed a new mechanism for talent exchange, information exchange, resource sharing, opened a new channel of provincial employment. In the past, more than 70 chartered cars Once, the charter was 4 times, helping more than 10,000 migrant workers employed; providing more than 20,000 jobs, promoting more than 5,000 employment, laid a solid foundation for the employment and output employment in the city.

"The zero-labor economic employment group is an important force to support the innovation of the Internet. It is also an important way to realize the value of life. Government, enterprises, social formation, establish the system of service guarantees, create more user-friendly working environment, can promote zero work The economic ordered development allows more people to achieve life.

Li Zhe, secretary of the Salt Lake District Party Committee.

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Qiqihar City 2022 "famous school ethics" online registration opened 1127 personnel units "Virtual Bit"

Qiqihar City 2022 "famous school ethics" online registration opened 1127 personnel units "Virtual Bit"

In order to continue to implement talents, Qiqihar City decided to continue to carry out the "famous school educational" selection work. In 2022, "Premium" plans introduced 1127 outstanding graduates, including 170 institutions in the city, 957 institutions in the county (city) area.

Extraordinary college graduates should be registered.

Appletters can log in to "Qiqihar Talent Network". Among them, the municipal education bureau directly affiliated to the job registration time is from November 25th to November 30th. Other post registration time is from 9:00 to December 10, 17:00.

Each person limits a position, and the system is no longer accepted. Bachelor degree graduates must be born after January 1, 1992, and the remote areas can be sealed until January 1, 1987 (inclusive) is born later; graduate graduates must be on January 1, 1987 ( Born later; full-time doctoral student and deputy higher vocational age can be properly relaxed. Specific positions and conditions can be viewed in the website. It should be noted that the predetermother, three batches of undergraduate students, three school students to enrollment and specialist upgrades can only sign up for their hard work in remote areas; art majors, sports majors, art special students, sports special students only There is a position and remote area of ??the corresponding professional needs, and it has been used by Qiqihar City and the county (city) district (city) (including special post teachers) not included in the selection range; orientation Cultivate, the new graduates who entrusted cultivation are not included in the scope of employment.

If the introduction of the financial full budget granting institutions, all of them are determined as the Qiqihar City "Premium". The full-time graduate student of the world’s "double-first-class" construction college graduates gives one-time subsidy, 30,000 yuan of master’s degree, 50,000 yuan for doctoral students. After establishing a personal contributor account, apply for a provident fund loan from being limited by the payment of the provident fund account, and the loan quota is up to 1 million yuan.

If you meet the conditions, you can apply for a talent apartment according to the relevant regulations.

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The next generation also loves to read "Harry Potter"?

The next generation also loves to read "Harry Potter"?

  [Global Times Specific Reporter Ji Double City] Castle, Magic, Wizard … These British familiar literary elements, combined with imagination through "Harry Potter", so that British read "Harry · Harry · Porter will still feel different.

This year is the first film of the "Harry Potter" series. In fact, in addition to movies, "Harry Potter" series still has an influence in the UK, and the popularity is not less than 20 years ago.

  Although the "Harry Potter" series is an extremely dark magic subject, it is still a "children’s book" in the UK – "Harry Potter" series of books in the British bookstore in London. The position of place is still in the C bit (center location) as in the position of 20 years ago. The price is also the same as that year, never been used as a price reduction sale.

The only thing is that today’s work is a complete set of sales.

After "Harry Potter", the book series such as "The City" "Hunger Game" is successful.

However, "Twilight City" will be replaced by "hunger game" in occupying book leaderboards, and the popularity of "Harry Potter" is lasts.

Today, the first part of the series of "Harry Potter and Magic Stone" is still in front of the British children’s reading.

The 25th issue of "Committee": united struggle

The 25th issue of "Committee": united struggle

People’s Network Beijing July 28th "Commissioner Lecture" 25th program "Comparative Analysis of Complex Competition of Common Fighting and Prevention and Control" is broadcast today.

The current program invited Liu Yucun, Pool Hui, Tang Xudong, who retracted human anti-infectious disease epidemic, and reveals my country’s anti-epidemic. The political advantages and institutional advantages, explore how to continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemic prevention based on how to consolidate the results of the epidemic situation. "The Committee" is produced by the General Office of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. , A new mechanism platform built in conjunction with the consensus consensus, is also an important window for the new era of Political Consultative Conference. "Commissioner Lecture" aims to guide the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference in the two-way efforts of the principal and agricize consensus, assist the party and the government to coordinate relationships, solve the release, the emotions, resolve contradictions, and better play the positive leadership, condense The role, better responsibility for the participants, practitioners and promoters of the People’s Political Consultative Conference.


The 22nd China Food Festival will be held in Harbin from September 25th to 29th.

The 22nd China Food Festival will be held in Harbin from September 25th to 29th.

The news conference site. People’s Network Yang Xuenong photo people network Harbin September 8 (Yang Xuenan) September 8th, Harbin Municipal People’s Government Information Office held a press conference, introduced the 22nd China Food Festival, China Hotel Association, Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Commerce The relevant person in charge of the Harbin Municipal Bureau of Commerce made a presentation.

From the China Hotel Association, Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Harbin Municipal Government, Harbin Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the 7th China Food Festival and the 7th China (Harbin) International Western Culture Festival, the 5th Catering Industry Supply Chain Expo Will be held in Harbin from September 25th to 29th.

The theme of this Food Festival is "Helping the revitalization of rural villages, promoting consumption upgrade, enjoying beauty, and food." The exhibition area of ??the Chinese Food Festival is 10,000 square meters. The total exhibition area will exceed 50,000 square meters. It is expected that nearly 500 exhibitors, nearly 900 booths, the professional audience is expected to reach nearly 30,000 people, and the audience will Break through 120,000 people.

The opening ceremony will be held in Sun Island and hold the "Guest Treasure Island" card; will also create special food display of Peking University, old name, etc. Activities, showing different characteristics, and organizes Harbin cuisine dishes on-site production performances, set up net red publicity angle, providing visitors to enjoy the beauty, and the tourist card.

At the central street division, "The 7th China (Harbin) International Western Culture Festival will be held," the "Biomei Street" "Biwu" "must eat the store", carrying out the catering enterprise float parade, foreign chef on-site production performance, Master teaches you to do Western food, Western food display exhibition, masses’ art performances and other activities.

In the Chinese Baroque Society, the "Kantong Snack Festival", Chinese Medicine Diet, Folk and Non-Geni Cultural Exhibition, etc. will be held, held the "Snack Area", and fully show the humanities of Harbin. , Folk heritage and enthusiasm for Harbin citizens. At the International Convention and Exhibition Center, the 5th catering industry supply chain fair will hold a special skill competition in the "Beida Wilderness on the tip of the tongue", actively creating the business opportunities on the tip of the tongue.

2021 Chinese catering industry brand conference, Heilongjiang and Harbin meal, high quality development seminars, green food ingredients, investment promotion, 2021 first China BBQ Industrial Development Conference and China Hotel Association BBQ professional committee exchange meeting, China Hotel Association youth enterprise At the 2021th, the first China Cooking Craftsman Festival Northeast Railway Station and the 13th China Famous Cook, 2021 China Green Consumer Festival Northeast Railway Station, through the online synchronization mode Docking cooperation bridges.

The closing ceremony will release "Top 20" Top Ten "" Harbin Name Snack Top Ten ". (Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The minimum temperature dropped to a bit number! Rainfall and wind cooling weather strikes, these security measures can not forget

The minimum temperature dropped to a bit number! Rainfall and wind cooling weather strikes, these security measures can not forget

Original title: Minimum temperature dropped to a bit number! Rainfall and wind cooling weather strikes, these safety measures can not forget the Dahe Net News (Reporter Meng Yuan) The hot weather is not enough, cold air is coming.

On October 13, the Dahe Net reporter learned that from October 14th to 15th, most of our province will have a small rain, and the southeast is in the rainy weather.

On the 16th, there were two strongest cold air, and the water temperature in the province continued to be low on the 16th to 21st.

Among them, the province will appear from the province from the 15th to 16th, there will be a gust of the north of the North, the gust of the gust of the northern China is 7 ~ 8; 15th to 17th, the province’s temperature has decreased significantly in the early stage, and the minimum temperature in the middle of the north of the north of the Northern China in the early morning. To 2 ~ 4 ° C, the western mountainous area and north will appear early frost, most of the highest temperature in the province fell to 13 to 15 ° C.

The 19th is again affected by a strong cold air, and there are 5 levels of wind and strong cooling in the province.

  Continuous precipitation and wind cooling weather will have an adverse effect on public travel, production and life, and the provincial emergency management office will remind the people to pay attention to the cold and keep warm.

  Do a good job of information warning.

The government and related departments have made a good job in preventing rainfall, high wind cooling work, paying close attention to weather changes, and reminds the masses to prevent prevention in advance. Prevent nature disasters.

Recently, our province has continued to encounter rainfall weather, and the rainfall zone has more superposed, and the risk of natural disasters has increased. The mountain zone should pay attention to prevent possible mountain flood, geological disasters, small and medium-sized rivers floods and urban and rural areas, to strengthen the risk points of tailings, silt dams, flood control projects and tourist scenic spots, and prevent disaster accidents. Pay attention to prevent high winds. Properly resettlement of outdoor items, covering building materials, reinforcing blasts, sheds, outdoor billboards, electric rods, street lights, dangeous walls, communications tower and other easy to be blown by wind blowing; strengthen construction construction On-site scaffolding, tower crane safety management, stop high-altitude operation, prevent accidents of falling, collapse. If you are on the road, please stay away from all kinds of temporary buildings, high-altitude structures, etc. to prevent hurt.

  Guarantee production safety.

Production and business units should increase facilities and equipment inspection and maintenance, especially if they are easily affected by the equipment, and to investigate safety hazards in advance, avoiding machines with low temperatures, causing safety production accidents. Pay attention to electricity safety.

The temperature is plummeted, and the home usage electrical equipment is significantly increased, especially high-power heating electrical appliances, pay attention to investigation of safety hazards. It is strictly forbidden to use electricity, strictly forbidden to contact the plug and wire. To regularly check the electric lines and related facilities to prevent fires. Do a good job in emergency. The relevant departments should strengthen the emergency value class, preset the rescue power in advance, and ensure that emergencies first response, powerful disposal. (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The original "brand" of the two civilized cities in Yaohai District, Hefei City

The original "brand" of the two civilized cities in Yaohai District, Hefei City

The "Civilized Behavior Bank" in Yaohai District fully opened the construction. The volunteering volunteer service for Guotou is a new sign showing a city civilization.

"There is a time to be volunteer, there is difficult to find volunteers" is in Hefei to become actions.

Yaohai District, whether it is a "alley housekeeper" new era civilization, the volunteer service team, "civilized behavior bank", is created by the civilization of volunteer service as the core of civilization.

It is understood that the "Alley Manager" volunteer service team was born in Shengli Road, Yaohai District, was the earliest of retired old party members. They played the rest of the streets, so that the flowers of civilization were blooming everywhere, and now they have attracted it. The more newborn strengths are added. Later, "the alley housekeeper" jointly promoted in the Yaohai District and "left neighbor" and other civilized brands, absorbing more broad social members and has developed into an important volunteer service team active in Yaohai.

In 2020, in order to promote the implementation of the "Hefei City Civilization Behavior Promotion Ordinance" to cultivate a new style of civilization, good home, simple people, Yaohai District Select Tianchang Road Community, East Seven Community, Railway Station Community, Shangri-La 4 community pilots such as communities, coordinate the construction of "civilized behavior banks".

In this "bank", the masses store their own civilized behaviors, banks redemption is the integral rewards brought by civilized behavior, between one, and civilized behavior have been recognized, forming a benign The circular mechanism, even a habit of residents in the jurisdiction, enhance the social governance integration of co-construction sharing.

The Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a large quarterly project construction

The Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a large quarterly project construction

Original title: Using the core work of project construction as the core work of economic development, promoting high-quality project construction, promoting high-quality development on May 6, the Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a quarter-quarterly project construction competition activity, conveyed the provincial economy operation scheduling The spirit of the meeting, the ways of all districts and counties, and various functional districts use PPT reports, concentrate on display results and bright spots, learn experience and practice, incentive project competition and catch up, further promote the city’s project "five-to-five fight" activities, Creating a good atmosphere of project construction competition is advanced and promoted. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Zhang Weiwen attended and speaking, President Li Hongya, chairman of the CPPCC, attended him. City leaders Zhou Xuehai, Yang Jianzhong, Wang Hong, Huang Baoshu, Yang Jinquan, Wang Fang, Wei Jin Wen, Hu Junfeng, etc. Lu Linbang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the executive deputy mayor of the Municipal Party Committee.

In the event, it was notified that the city’s project construction is in general, and the various districts and counties and functional districts have been a work report. Zhang Weiwen seriously listened to everyone’s statement, pointed out that project construction is committed to economic development, with the role of holding a whole body, is the core work of catching economic development. All departments at all levels must firmly establish the "project as the king" concept, pay attention to the focus on the spirit of the development, focus on the project, lock the breakthrough in the project to the project, The project construction promotes economic development and provides persistent driving force for high quality development. Zhang Weiwen emphasized that time is not equal, and the development is more reminded.

Standing in a new starting point, entering a new journey, we must wait, slowly, the sense of urgency and the sense of crisis, really grasp the trunk, attack the hard, and fully set off the project to build a new wave, with the nail spirit A planned project is implemented, striving to create a new situation in economic and social development.

All districts and counties, departments should consequentize the formation of ideology as our joint action, and further enhance the level and quality of the project work.

To truss our struggle objectives with the big construction of the project, strive to achieve better results in project construction.

It is necessary to use the real-handed effectiveness to reflect our responsibility, promote high quality development with high level projects, and make greater contributions to the city construction of modern central. (Editor: Chen Cheng, Zhou Yuting).

Taiyuan: Developers give the owner provident fund guarantee no longer charge guarantee margin

Taiyuan: Developers give the owner provident fund guarantee no longer charge guarantee margin

  Original title: Taiyuan: Developers give the owners of the owner’s provident fund guarantee no longer charge guarantee guarantee on December 6th, Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Taiyuan Housing Provident Fund Management Center (hereinafter referred to as "Provident Fund Center"): In the future developers provide provident fund loans for buyers Guarantee, no longer charges the guarantee margin.

  In order to further optimize the real estate business environment, promote the safe development of the real estate industry, improve the housing provident fund loan guarantee method, Taiyuan will improve the housing provident fund loan guarantee.

  Taiyuan real estate development enterprise cooperates with the provident fund center to provide a phased guarantee for its home provident fund loans, and no longer charge a guarantee margin.

If the real estate development enterprise provides guarantees for its home purchase, it is necessary to apply to the Provident Fund Center, which is an initiative to consult with the Provident Fund Center as a "compensated public fund overdue loan" except for key regulatory funds, and sign the "Staged Guarantee Cooperation Agreement". What is "compensated for a fund for overdue loans"? It is reported that the amount is detained from the Provident Fund Management Center to the real estate development enterprise pre-sale fund regulatory account.

  "Repayment of public payment overdue loans" After signing the "Staged Guarantee Cooperation Agreement" from the real estate development enterprise and the provident fund center, and the provident fund center is the date of distribution of housing provident fund loans to the property, to the reserve fund loan. Mortgage The date of the registration certificate is terminated.

  In addition, the borrower of the real estate development enterprise has a breach of contract, and the provident fund center can be commissioned by the Taiyuan Real Estate Administration in accordance with the "Stage Section Guarantee Cooperation Agreement" agreement. Consolidation by the development company and the Provident Fund Management Center.

Reporter Zhang Lei).

Shaanxi accelerates the talents to support Qin Chuanggencino drive platform construction

Shaanxi accelerates the talents to support Qin Chuanggencino drive platform construction

Original title: Shaanxi accelerates the talents to support Qin Chuangyuan innovative drive platform construction (Reporter Zhang Mei) On October 22 The important content of "I do practical practice" is "practical", accelerate the introduction of talents and integration of talents at home and abroad. Establish Qin Chuangyuan to reference high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent projects.

The Provincial Science and Technology Department issued "Qin Chuanghara’s high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent project program", formulating "Qin Chuanghara’s high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent project operation guide", continuous improvement of Qin Chuangyuan High-level innovation entrepreneurial talents, conditions and procedures . Up to now, the Provincial Science and Technology Department collects more than 280 key technical problems and high-level talent requirements for more than 50 enterprises in new materials, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, Internet of Things. Talent demand special conference, introduce demand to professional talent institutions such as 27 Ministry of Hiwei Service Station and Hui Temple, Zhilian. At the same time, 16 Qin Chuanghara referred to a high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent project to quickly advance, support Shaanxi Auto Holding Group, Northwest Non-ferrous Metal Research Institute and Tangjing Quantum and other high-tech enterprises introduced equipment manufacturing, photon communication, integrated circuit and 15 high-level scientific and technological talents in the field of biotechnology, and 1 independent innovation entrepreneur. Implement a national and provincial foreign expert project.

The Provincial Science and Technology Department focuses on project units to cooperate with "high-stricken" foreign experts and innovative teams that meet the needs of our province, carry out forward scientific research, key technical research and major achievements transformation, and collect 2022 provincial foreign expert projects. 72 items intended to introduce 300 foreign foreign experts, and recommend 30 high-end foreign expert projects to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Coordinate layout construction of the province’s intelligence demonstration base and service station. According to statistics, the province was approved for 821 national university disciplines, 8 national universities, and 50 national discipline innovation bases accumulated 50 in the forefront.

In order to better gather outstanding Chinese and foreign talents, build scientific research and innovation platforms, promote the promotion of intelligence results, and 46 provincial-level national intelligence demonstration bases this year, including 16 national categories, university foundation innovation Torn demonstration base 30.

In addition, the province is constructed to introduce the leading policy system, establish overseas offshore innovation centers, increase flexible talents and promote the sharing of intelligence resources. Up to now, the province has declared 16 overseas offshore innovation centers. It is reported that the Provincial Science and Technology Department also collects more than 40 intersection and industrialization in the province, accelerating the transformation of the intersection of the intersection resources and the industrialization and accelerating the transfer transformation of the intersection. (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingshu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.