The result is released! Three stories behind the payment license

The result is released! Three stories behind the payment license

Original title: 3 batch of 27 payment licenses "second renewal" resulting from the story behind the payment license is released! The central bank recently announced that the payment licenses for payment, payment, UnionPay business, Lakara, etc., valid until May 2, 2026. In addition, the three payboards of UnionPay Business have been integrated with their integration, and submitted to the People’s Bank of China submitted the termination of renewal review applications.

  The reporter learned that in January 2021, the central bank issued the "Non-bank payment institution (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations)), and" the same actual controller must not control two and more non-bank payment institutions ".

  Experts said that in recent years, the payment institutions with partial compliance and weak operating capacity have not been renewed, and the number of payment business licenses has gradually decreased, and the industry development environment is continuously purified.

As a result of the leading and trading of the service market, UnionPay Business is the first to implement the "Ordinance". 24 licensed second-year renewal central bank announced the first batch of 27 payment licensed exhibition results showed that TenPay, Alipay, La Kara, Tonglian payment, Yinsheng payment, payment, payment, Yisheng payment, fast money payment, etc. 24 is successful, and the validity period is extended to May 2026.

  It is reported that in May 2011, the central bank’s first payment business license for Alipay, UnionPay Business, and TenPay, etc. In May 2016, the first batch of 27 payment licenses were previously approved by the central bank, and the valid period was extended to 2021.

This time is the second renewal of the first batch of payment licenses.

  The reporter noted that the People’s Bank of China has continued to renew the "payment business license", comprehensive evaluation of the overall operational robustness and compliance of non-bank payment institutions, and the operation capacity of payment, risk prevention and control, customer rights protection Ability, sustainability, etc.

  If the payment agency has been unresur the industry during the duration of the license, or the payment business has contracted atrophy or even has stopped a period of time, or there is a major illegal violation. The compliance business awareness, and the wind control level need to be focused. The People’s Bank will conduct a review of the institutions to conduct a review of the institutions to continue to have the qualifications of business operations, and the payment business has sustainable development capabilities, and the decision decision decisions will be prudent to promote the market cleanup and rectification and purify the industry development environment.

  Zhou Yingjiang Chief Researcher, Dadu University Financial Research Institute, Director, Director, told the International Finance News, payment business license, is the ability to pay for payment agencies to continue to have payment business, whether or not to have sustainable development capabilities It is an important task to strengthen the supervision of payment institutions.

In recent years, the payment institutions with poor compliance and weak operating capacity have not been renewed, and the number of payment business licenses has gradually decreased, and the industry development environment has been continuously purified. Three licenses were suspended in 24 institutions that were suspended in 24, and there were three qualifications of payment institutions, with the largest change in the resumption of information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wong Xun Payment"). In this renewal, the original Internet payment, mobile phone payment, and fixed telephone payment qualifications are canceled.

Huanxun pays a local payment institution, which can only carry out bank card acquiring services in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, Fujian Province, Tianjin. The veteran analyst of the payment industry said to the "International Financial News" reporter, "considering that the loan to pay the cancellation of the cancellation of the Internet, it is not likely to be active cancellation behavior.

A few years ago, the ring payment penalty is more frequent, and it is not excluded that the central bank is logged out of part of the business. "In addition, Guangzhou UnionPay Network Payment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Guangzhou UnionPay "), Beijing Digital Wangfujing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Wangfujing Technology "), Beijing Union Federation Business Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Beijing UnionPay ") The controlling shareholder UnionPay Business Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "UnionPay Business") has carried out integrated work, submitted to the People’s Bank of China, and continued its business during the suspension of the review.

  The "Regulations" stipulate that "the same legal person must not hold two or more non-bank payment institutions", "the same actual controller may not control two and more non-bank payment institutions."

The sky-eyed information shows that UnionPay business holds Guangzhou UnionPay, Wangfujing Technology, Beijing UnionPay equity ratio is 100%, 60% and% respectively.

  Wang Pengbo pointed out that from this renewal result, the central bank has been in accordance with the relevant requirements and principles of the Non-bank payment institution (Draft for Comments) ". Although the "Regulations" have not yet been officially introduced, the UnionPay business is the leading integration in the payment service market leader.

Guangzhou UnionPay, Wangfujing Technology, Beijing UnionPay application suspension of renewal examination, is the necessary measures adopted by UnionPay Business in accordance with regulatory requirements, and is the implementation of the "Ordinance" for the specific initiatives of the payment institution shareholders. "At present, these three institutions are still in the administrative license to continue to expose, and can continue to work properly, and there is no substantial impact on existing merchants and stock businesses.

Dong Xi said that from the long run, this for the 3 institutions will have a positive impact. Because the 3 institutions’ payment business licenses are only their own partial types of regional payment services, but Its Holding Company UnionPay business has a national payment business qualification license to cover bank card receipt, Internet payment, mobile phone payment, prepaid card acceptance and other services.

  Can’t renew, the reporter learned that in 6 cases, the license limit is "one vote", such as outsourcing of payment business core system, or lacking the necessary backup equipment (including but not limited to core network devices, application servers, Database server, etc.); there is a large risk vulnerability in payment business systems, causing personal sensitive information leaks, resulting in large losses or social impact; due to payment services, payment services, and causing greater economy or social impact. In addition, the three-party payment card is also "11 red lines": As of the date of the application, the accumulated loss exceeds 50% of the payment of monetary capital; it has been licensed or all payment services have not been carried out, or continuously stop more than 2 years Occupational, misappropriation, borrowing customer prepare for payment; there is a transfer or change transfer, rental, lending a "payment business license"; exceeding the approved scope is engaged in payment services; The means deliberately avoid regulatory requirements, or maliciously refused, hindering the inspection and supervision; apply for the "payment business license" by deception, etc.; Received criminal punishment or large amount of administrative punishment; there is a major defect in the safety and risk monitoring of business facilities, or there is a large-scale theft, sell, leak, loss customer information situation; violation of anti-money laundering law, plot Particularly serious; there are other major burst risk events, or many exposed major risk hazards cause harsh impact.

  According to statistics, as of now, the central bank has increased to 39 payments, and the latest payment license is 232.

If the central bank completed the test of Guangzhou UnionPay, Wangfujing Technology, Beijing UnionPay, the canceled payment license will increase to 42, and the number of remaining licenses in the payment industry is 229. In the 39 payment licenses that have been disclosed, 34 injections are involved in prepaid card issuance and acceptance, with only a few cards to be logged out of business integration, and the remaining is actively logged out or will not be renewed.

  Wang Pengbo pointed out that if there is a problem with the payment organization of prepaid card issuance and acceptance business, it is often caused by a large social impact because of the number of users involving the number of users, resulting in serious consequences. In the process of business development, if there is an unprecedented business that emphasizes in the central bank’s "renewal", significant risk events, the next payment card will inevitably pass. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing).

The Seventh anniversary of the Youth League of the Hong Kong CPPCC will celebrate the seventh anniversary of the 4th Executive Committee

The Seventh anniversary of the Youth League of the Hong Kong CPPCC will celebrate the seventh anniversary of the 4th Executive Committee

The seventy anniversary of the Youth League of the Hong Kong CPPCC’s Youth League and the 4th Executive Committee in Hong Kong held in Hong Kong. People’s Network Yan Xiaojing photo People’s Network Hong Kong May 11th (Shen Wei, Yan Xiaojing) Hong Kong CPPCA Youth League ("Government") 10th, the "Seventh Anniversary Festival" held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center The Committee of the Commission Chang Tan Hailin Major General, Hong Kong SAR Government Financial Secretary Chen Maoshu and other main ceremonies.

Lin Shi Yue said in his speech that since the establishment of the vast, he has been committed to the establishment of an active platform for youth. During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the vitality of the young volunteers will help the grassroots people’s epidemic prevention; The vocabulary is also brave enough to support the SAR Government. She pointed out that "14th Five-Year Plan supports Hong Kong development in multiple important areas, fully reflecting the firm support of Hong Kong and the concern of young development of Hong Kong.

She is looking forward to working with the politicism to develop a broader development space for the young people in Hong Kong, and promote Hong Kong to better integrate into the national development overall situation. Tan Tien is mentioned when he spent speech, the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District is integrated into the country, and provides important platforms in its own development. Actively promote the actual situation of the Daban District and the Mainland in the motherland, leading more Hong Kong youth into the Bay area, root bay area, back to the motherland, facing the world, achieving a better life goal, making greater contribution to Hong Kong and the state. In his speech, Tan Town pointed out that Hong Kong youth should deeply understand the historical responsibility of the new generation, firmly advance confidence, and do "standing big, Ming Da, become a big talent, and big."

As the patriotic Youth Association, it will continue to do a good job with passerby, strengthen young patriotism education, condense and cultivate more young people, and seize the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the rare construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Opportunity paving bridge road, helping youth practice to report to the country, let the patriotic spirit fire. At the ceremony, Tan Town, led all members of the fourth Executive Committee to swear, Lin Zheng Yue, Tan Tien, etc., to issue a book to the members of the Executive Committee. It is reported that the Hong Kong CPPCA Youth League has been widely absorbed by the Youth CPPCC members, entrepreneurs, professionals, community leaders, and the descendants of the Committee of the CPPCC, which has been developed into the most influential youth in Hong Kong. One of the groups, members of the new executive committee also include Wang Hanjie, He Yizhen, Wu Xueming and Li Yili. (Editor: Su Tongxiang, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.

Supervise "five steps" in the "three senses"

Supervise "five steps" in the "three senses"

This newspaper (Luo Jinjin He Xiangchun Weibang Springs) This year, the Duyun City Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission fully plated the implementation of supervision and protection, promoting the improvement of development, focusing on the effectiveness of the poverty, and the effectiveness of the rural resolution, the major people’s livelihood project landed, "four do not pick "The policy is implemented, and Easy and Poverty Alleviation relocation will support the" five systems "construction, etc.

In the specific work, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission explored the work initiatives of the "five steps", namely: With the problem clue, with the report of the letter from the newspaper, I will understand the specific situation; stare at the fund project, strictly follow the principle of "seeing people, see the project, see the funds" principle to conduct reciprocation, and supervise the project implementation And safeguard the interests of the masses; carrying the publicity information, make full use of the opportunity to enter the village, actively promote the party’s policy, party discipline, improve the awareness of the people’s discipline law; follow the people’s field, through the hometown, cross Threshold, self-hearted, fully listen to the opinions of the masses, understand the needs of the masses, and do practical things in the hearts of the masses. Since the special action of "visiting villages, heavy supervisors, help Zhenxing", the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission sent eight inspection teams, 28 inspected projects, visiting 84 people, and found 30 problems. "We discovered in regular tracking visit, the masses were satisfied with the problem of solving.

The main person in charge of the Supervision Committee of the Duyun Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the city will continue to deepen the pre-supervision measures, actively expand the list of people’s livelihood projects, according to a question, a question, a question, take the principle of supervision The supervision task list is unified, discovers the problem unified research, rectifying the implementation of unified follow-up mode, constantly pressing the supervision responsibility of the implementation of the industry, so that the masses have a more consequent, and the happiness is more sustainable, and the sense of security is more secure. Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

US closeted parliamentary group to visit Taiwan, "Taiwan Strait defense" foreign media: Tsai Ing-wen to put pressure or to face to face

US closeted parliamentary group to visit Taiwan, "Taiwan Strait defense" foreign media: Tsai Ing-wen to put pressure or to face to face

November 12 reported that according to Taiwan when the News reported November 11, US Republican senators and representatives and his party of 13 people, nine low-key evening channeling visit Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen on the 10th to meet with others, the so-called secret talks across the Taiwan Strait and defense. Reported that, due to the high degree of confidentiality related to travel, the Taiwan authorities and the United States have no further statement. It is reported that John Cornyn and others from the 11th stage, ending 3 days 2 nights trip.

It reported that Corning is one of the sponsors in addition to the so-called Taiwan’s deterrence Act, the US Congress in 2019 also launched a $ aircraft sales to Taiwan F-16V 8 billion bill a major force behind.

According to Taiwan’s United News reported November 11, the US senators and representatives visiting group focused defense issues, there are important tasks in the body, it will be more low-key, mysterious, unlike in the past with great fanfare.

In addition, according to Taiwan’s United News Network November 11 reported that the US senators and representatives aboard military aircraft, 9 evening landing Taiwan Matsuyama base. Special place is that the Taiwan authorities have not disclosed the list of the itinerary.

It reported that the purpose of the visit to Taiwan is truly special.

Republican Senator has just proposed in the so-called 4th Taiwan deterrent bill, hoping to provide $ 2 billion per year and other assistance to the Taiwan authorities, strengthen the so-called defense until 2032.

Reported that, take a short staff, this is the annual funding with conditions, including the United States and the Taiwan authorities promise to be spending phase matching.

The next generation also loves to read "Harry Potter"?

The next generation also loves to read "Harry Potter"?

  [Global Times Specific Reporter Ji Double City] Castle, Magic, Wizard … These British familiar literary elements, combined with imagination through "Harry Potter", so that British read "Harry · Harry · Porter will still feel different.

This year is the first film of the "Harry Potter" series. In fact, in addition to movies, "Harry Potter" series still has an influence in the UK, and the popularity is not less than 20 years ago.

  Although the "Harry Potter" series is an extremely dark magic subject, it is still a "children’s book" in the UK – "Harry Potter" series of books in the British bookstore in London. The position of place is still in the C bit (center location) as in the position of 20 years ago. The price is also the same as that year, never been used as a price reduction sale.

The only thing is that today’s work is a complete set of sales.

After "Harry Potter", the book series such as "The City" "Hunger Game" is successful.

However, "Twilight City" will be replaced by "hunger game" in occupying book leaderboards, and the popularity of "Harry Potter" is lasts.

Today, the first part of the series of "Harry Potter and Magic Stone" is still in front of the British children’s reading.

The minimum temperature dropped to a bit number! Rainfall and wind cooling weather strikes, these security measures can not forget

The minimum temperature dropped to a bit number! Rainfall and wind cooling weather strikes, these security measures can not forget

Original title: Minimum temperature dropped to a bit number! Rainfall and wind cooling weather strikes, these safety measures can not forget the Dahe Net News (Reporter Meng Yuan) The hot weather is not enough, cold air is coming.

On October 13, the Dahe Net reporter learned that from October 14th to 15th, most of our province will have a small rain, and the southeast is in the rainy weather.

On the 16th, there were two strongest cold air, and the water temperature in the province continued to be low on the 16th to 21st.

Among them, the province will appear from the province from the 15th to 16th, there will be a gust of the north of the North, the gust of the gust of the northern China is 7 ~ 8; 15th to 17th, the province’s temperature has decreased significantly in the early stage, and the minimum temperature in the middle of the north of the north of the Northern China in the early morning. To 2 ~ 4 ° C, the western mountainous area and north will appear early frost, most of the highest temperature in the province fell to 13 to 15 ° C.

The 19th is again affected by a strong cold air, and there are 5 levels of wind and strong cooling in the province.

  Continuous precipitation and wind cooling weather will have an adverse effect on public travel, production and life, and the provincial emergency management office will remind the people to pay attention to the cold and keep warm.

  Do a good job of information warning.

The government and related departments have made a good job in preventing rainfall, high wind cooling work, paying close attention to weather changes, and reminds the masses to prevent prevention in advance. Prevent nature disasters.

Recently, our province has continued to encounter rainfall weather, and the rainfall zone has more superposed, and the risk of natural disasters has increased. The mountain zone should pay attention to prevent possible mountain flood, geological disasters, small and medium-sized rivers floods and urban and rural areas, to strengthen the risk points of tailings, silt dams, flood control projects and tourist scenic spots, and prevent disaster accidents. Pay attention to prevent high winds. Properly resettlement of outdoor items, covering building materials, reinforcing blasts, sheds, outdoor billboards, electric rods, street lights, dangeous walls, communications tower and other easy to be blown by wind blowing; strengthen construction construction On-site scaffolding, tower crane safety management, stop high-altitude operation, prevent accidents of falling, collapse. If you are on the road, please stay away from all kinds of temporary buildings, high-altitude structures, etc. to prevent hurt.

  Guarantee production safety.

Production and business units should increase facilities and equipment inspection and maintenance, especially if they are easily affected by the equipment, and to investigate safety hazards in advance, avoiding machines with low temperatures, causing safety production accidents. Pay attention to electricity safety.

The temperature is plummeted, and the home usage electrical equipment is significantly increased, especially high-power heating electrical appliances, pay attention to investigation of safety hazards. It is strictly forbidden to use electricity, strictly forbidden to contact the plug and wire. To regularly check the electric lines and related facilities to prevent fires. Do a good job in emergency. The relevant departments should strengthen the emergency value class, preset the rescue power in advance, and ensure that emergencies first response, powerful disposal. (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a large quarterly project construction

The Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a large quarterly project construction

Original title: Using the core work of project construction as the core work of economic development, promoting high-quality project construction, promoting high-quality development on May 6, the Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a quarter-quarterly project construction competition activity, conveyed the provincial economy operation scheduling The spirit of the meeting, the ways of all districts and counties, and various functional districts use PPT reports, concentrate on display results and bright spots, learn experience and practice, incentive project competition and catch up, further promote the city’s project "five-to-five fight" activities, Creating a good atmosphere of project construction competition is advanced and promoted. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Zhang Weiwen attended and speaking, President Li Hongya, chairman of the CPPCC, attended him. City leaders Zhou Xuehai, Yang Jianzhong, Wang Hong, Huang Baoshu, Yang Jinquan, Wang Fang, Wei Jin Wen, Hu Junfeng, etc. Lu Linbang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the executive deputy mayor of the Municipal Party Committee.

In the event, it was notified that the city’s project construction is in general, and the various districts and counties and functional districts have been a work report. Zhang Weiwen seriously listened to everyone’s statement, pointed out that project construction is committed to economic development, with the role of holding a whole body, is the core work of catching economic development. All departments at all levels must firmly establish the "project as the king" concept, pay attention to the focus on the spirit of the development, focus on the project, lock the breakthrough in the project to the project, The project construction promotes economic development and provides persistent driving force for high quality development. Zhang Weiwen emphasized that time is not equal, and the development is more reminded.

Standing in a new starting point, entering a new journey, we must wait, slowly, the sense of urgency and the sense of crisis, really grasp the trunk, attack the hard, and fully set off the project to build a new wave, with the nail spirit A planned project is implemented, striving to create a new situation in economic and social development.

All districts and counties, departments should consequentize the formation of ideology as our joint action, and further enhance the level and quality of the project work.

To truss our struggle objectives with the big construction of the project, strive to achieve better results in project construction.

It is necessary to use the real-handed effectiveness to reflect our responsibility, promote high quality development with high level projects, and make greater contributions to the city construction of modern central. (Editor: Chen Cheng, Zhou Yuting).

Shaanxi accelerates the talents to support Qin Chuanggencino drive platform construction

Shaanxi accelerates the talents to support Qin Chuanggencino drive platform construction

Original title: Shaanxi accelerates the talents to support Qin Chuangyuan innovative drive platform construction (Reporter Zhang Mei) On October 22 The important content of "I do practical practice" is "practical", accelerate the introduction of talents and integration of talents at home and abroad. Establish Qin Chuangyuan to reference high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent projects.

The Provincial Science and Technology Department issued "Qin Chuanghara’s high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent project program", formulating "Qin Chuanghara’s high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent project operation guide", continuous improvement of Qin Chuangyuan High-level innovation entrepreneurial talents, conditions and procedures . Up to now, the Provincial Science and Technology Department collects more than 280 key technical problems and high-level talent requirements for more than 50 enterprises in new materials, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, Internet of Things. Talent demand special conference, introduce demand to professional talent institutions such as 27 Ministry of Hiwei Service Station and Hui Temple, Zhilian. At the same time, 16 Qin Chuanghara referred to a high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent project to quickly advance, support Shaanxi Auto Holding Group, Northwest Non-ferrous Metal Research Institute and Tangjing Quantum and other high-tech enterprises introduced equipment manufacturing, photon communication, integrated circuit and 15 high-level scientific and technological talents in the field of biotechnology, and 1 independent innovation entrepreneur. Implement a national and provincial foreign expert project.

The Provincial Science and Technology Department focuses on project units to cooperate with "high-stricken" foreign experts and innovative teams that meet the needs of our province, carry out forward scientific research, key technical research and major achievements transformation, and collect 2022 provincial foreign expert projects. 72 items intended to introduce 300 foreign foreign experts, and recommend 30 high-end foreign expert projects to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Coordinate layout construction of the province’s intelligence demonstration base and service station. According to statistics, the province was approved for 821 national university disciplines, 8 national universities, and 50 national discipline innovation bases accumulated 50 in the forefront.

In order to better gather outstanding Chinese and foreign talents, build scientific research and innovation platforms, promote the promotion of intelligence results, and 46 provincial-level national intelligence demonstration bases this year, including 16 national categories, university foundation innovation Torn demonstration base 30.

In addition, the province is constructed to introduce the leading policy system, establish overseas offshore innovation centers, increase flexible talents and promote the sharing of intelligence resources. Up to now, the province has declared 16 overseas offshore innovation centers. It is reported that the Provincial Science and Technology Department also collects more than 40 intersection and industrialization in the province, accelerating the transformation of the intersection of the intersection resources and the industrialization and accelerating the transfer transformation of the intersection. (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingshu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shanxi conducts pilot and renovation of e-government external network

Shanxi conducts pilot and renovation of e-government external network

Recently, the provincial government information management bureau issued the "Notice on Carrying out the pilot work of the acceleration and renovation of e-government external network", Jincheng City and the Jurisdiction of Jindong were identified as the only municipal and county-level pilots. From September this year to July next year, the two places will fully complete the e-government external network to speed up the target tasks, and provide reference for the "Shanxi Sample" exploration experience in the construction of e-government external network construction services.

In recent years, we have continued to promote the construction of e-government external networks from all over our province.

In particular, this time, Jincheng City, which has been listed as a pilot, has continuously increased the upgrade and expansion, special network integration and optimization and transformation. At present, its government external network coverage has been landscapped around 130 municipal direct units and a few state-owned enterprises. Portrait of the provincial e-government external network, next six counties (cities, districts) and 77 townships, municipalities, counties (districts), and township coverage rates reach 100%, carrying more than 30 commission bureaus 100, in terms of network carrying capacity, network hierarchy, network equipment performance, network Unicom rate, etc., laid a solid foundation in building collaborative and efficient government network environments. It is understood that the main tasks of this pilot work include: e-government external network speed expansion, government external network terminal "two network isolation" technical transformation, electronic government external network new technology integration application.

The relevant person in charge of Jincheng City and Gaoping said that the two places will be implemented and implemented and implemented and implemented and implemented and implemented and implemented and implemented the e-government external network in accordance with the integration of government information infrastructure integration, integrated development target requirements. High-speed, wide popular, full coverage, intelligent development program, accelerate the "one network" integration construction and upgrade, further enhance the network service capacity and level of digital government, and strive to explore the formation of e-government for the promotion of our province The network development mode is taken in good pilot, and the acceleration and expansion of e-government outside the province will actively contribute.

(Reporter Wang Tianxiao) (Editor: Sang Liyuan, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shanghai will promote "one river and one river" children friendly public space construction

Shanghai will promote "one river and one river" children friendly public space construction

  Xinhuanet Shanghai November 17th (Reporter Guo Jingdan) Reporter learned from the recent Shanghai Child Friendly City Construction Seminar and "One River, Yehe" "Jiang Yihe" Children’s friendly public space in the coastal waters is high, and the children’s demonstration projects are actively promoted by children’s friendly city construction.

  In Shanghai, the parents’ mouth "Holy Land" and "Nets" in the "Net Red" card point have a lot, the Yangpu Yangshu Power Plant, the Pudong Beach Children’s Paradise, Xuhui Bin River Theme Activity Park, Changning Suzhou River Bridge Sports space, etc., fully reflect children’s friendly concept.

At the meeting, Yangpu District, Changning District, Pudong New Area and Xuhui District respectively exchanged its own experience in the construction of "one river and one river" in this region.

  According to reports, Shanghai Yangpu Binjiang Life Show Children’s Friendly Public Space Demonstration Zone is included in "Shanghai Women and Children’s Development" 14th "Planning" "Shanghai" One Jiangyi River "development" 14th Five-Year Plan ", Shanghai Women The Working Committee and the Yangpu District People’s Government jointly teamed up with the city, the resource sharing, the advantage complementary, and will build a child friendly and friendly demonstration zone in the Yangpu Binjiang kilometers.

  Focusing on the characteristics of industrial remains and Binjiang ecological pattern around Yangpu, it is guided by children’s demand, including constructing a complete ecosystem including road traffic, public facilities, green landscape, social services, etc. Public facilities and landscape optimization design programs such as the appetite, maternal and childroom, children’s toilet, commercial catering, build Yangpu, Jiangowu, children’s friendly public space; set up Shanghai International Children’s Center (Temporary Name) Yangpu, build an external exchange and public Service platform; Establishing a Child Friendly Demonstration Zone Expert Advisory Committee to make Yang Pubin River really become a room with an inclusive, open, international global children’s friendship.