Shanghai Bookstore closed shop floor countdown whole book has been bought empty

Shanghai Bookstore closed shop floor countdown whole book has been bought empty

Original title: Three types of books are the most popular travel peak load shifting avoid abortion Shanghai Book City closed shop countdown, a book full of floor space has been bought three books are the most popular travel peak load shifting avoid abortion Morning News reporters Xu Ying and Zuo Tian, also from Shanghai Book City store closed 1 month 10 days, Shanghai book City for a whole book of stories have been bought them up! 23-year-old Shanghai Bookstore, Fuzhou Road, will be held December 12 evening after the close of business closed shop, heavy equipment, and chose to reopen. After the news appeared in the media, triggered a huge response from readers.

All sides came a constant stream of readers, especially on weekends, it is a sea of people, unprecedented.

The flow of people on average about 1 million passengers, up more than million. October 23, Shanghai Bookstore, Fuzhou Road Mayang retail stores in a single day up to 2.35 million yuan, the highest single-day opening in 23 years sales record.

Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Xinhua Media Co. chain, Jiang Li, former general manager of Shanghai Book City told reporters, because a large number of books to be bought empty bookstore was re-layout adjustment. After the merge adjust books, currently the seventh floor of a bookstore floor have all been cleared, according to incomplete statistics, a total of nearly 300,000 books sold. The most beautiful scenery on the weekend to two weeks in Fuzhou Road, Shanghai Book City has always been surrounded by steaming crowd. Shop everywhere "books 40% off the audience," "Members 50% off" logo, people carrying a book reader or basket pushed his car "cargo sweeping."

Some shelves have been emptied.

Many readers family and I used to buy books, take pictures, also wrote a message – you use 23 years to accompany us to grow together, we flocked to bid farewell to his heart with you; you have to do a little turned gorgeous, we were crazy lining up to buy I hope you come back still dressed. Many readers come with a trolley. Some happen to be on a business trip to Shanghai, most of the textbook is devoted to local residents, trolley loaded with books more convenient.

Book readers face of unprecedented enthusiasm, and several bookstores in particular, increase the cash register, but before almost every checkout counter, or waiting in a long queue. Almost everyone’s shopping basket are filled with full of books, few dozen, more than four, fifty. Children’s literature and supplementary books are the most popular activities of this favorable sales before closing shop Shanghai Book City, has attracted many readers, get them back to returning to the bookstore. According to reports, this wave textbook boom in children’s literature, teaching the most popular books, including some science and technology books. One came from Pudong parents with two children is reading the fifth grade and eighth grade textbook together.

She told reporters, as the child schoolwork more and more busy, did not have long to bookstores, and most of them are in the online textbook. The bookstore to say goodbye to the readers, who specially came to the whole family, your shopping basket will not only give children to buy books, but also for adults to buy their own books, a full four, fifty.

She said that for so many years, to bookstores still very emotional. Because, here, "reading with children and are full of memories." On hot seller list, the reporter saw, "nameless town" "Man City" "Hundred Years of Solitude", "alphabet mystery case" " bereavement grocery store, "" white Night "and other Chinese and foreign literary books top the standings. For kids to read, "a half-hour cartoon Party," "Harry Potter Set (Full 7)" "Three Hundred Tang Poems (US picture books children’s phonetic)" "a half-hour cartoon Tang" and other books, impressively. In addition, the "human meridian points using the Atlas", "China Walks (2022 new upgraded version)," "Piano Grading album" Grading and other useful books and reading, but also much loved readers.

Reader is advised to avoid it went Book Chain Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Xinhua Media, Jiang Li, former general manager of Shanghai Book City said, "this phenomenon in two weeks Bookstore sea of people, really made us feel very happy, because again see the enthusiasm of readers Bookstore, but also feel, so many years to accompany the growth of bookstores readers, readers of this position in the reckoning.

"Since the emergence of large passenger flow for two consecutive weekends, in just the past weekend and Monday, the total flow of people approaching 22,000 people. Therefore, she suggested that the reader can try to avoid it." Morning, less people, and the usual working people a little less.

"She said. At the same time Jiang Li also said that due to the favorable sales activities are carried out before the closed shop, no replenishment after the book sold out.

So, if readers need to buy popular books, had as early as possible oh.

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