They are the "shuttle tree" green ecology of the Gobi desert.

They are the "shuttle tree" green ecology of the Gobi desert.

Spruce, the "Lovers" guarded by the warfareman is between Tianshan and Altai Mountains between 2,400 meters, growing a very precious tree species, national three-level protective plants – Xinjiang spruce. Xinjiang Spruce is an important tree species of the Tianshan Mountains and the Altai Mountains. In recent years, since forest harvesting and growth environments have been destroyed, the number of spruce in Xinjiang gradually decreases.

The forest firefighters stationed here, an important responsibility is to be responsible for the state-owned forest area of ??Tianhan Eastern, Northern Tianshan Yunfenz, Gangji Lake National Sroulm Reprotice, etc. 4.62 million mu of forest land and 1.2 million mu of grassland Fire extinguishing and ecological protection task.

The forest resources in Xinjiang are extremely precious, and the ecological environment is difficult to recover once it is damaged.

In order to minimize fire insurance, April to October each year, a squadron must go to the Jiangbrak area and 270 kilometers away from the Yingzhi District to implement pre-prefers.

Every time you pay attention to the spruce of the west, the warriors will hit a greece with the spruce.

Spruce is the most beautiful "love" in the eyes of the war, and the teammates who fight side should shoulder, because they all shoulder the responsibility of the guardian ecology. In 2013, due to her herders incinerated straw leads to forest fires, more than 100 acres of protective forests and dozens of houses are in an angelicity, and the lessons are painful.

In 2014, after a squadron entered the old style in Tori County, the initiative of "Bansing of the Folk Rabi" has been put forward and combined with this initiative to carry out extensive forest fire science propaganda in the old airport area. Such rolling promotion effectively enhances the awareness of forest fire prevention in local residents.

Do not let every detail, do not miss each hidden danger. In order to communicate with herders who have access to herders, better publicity, the squadron is also learning the national language, understands the national habits, practice the national song and dance, and further enhances emotional identity. Since the establishment, a squadron has completed more than 20 times of fire fighting operations, carrying out more than 400 forest-political duty, armed Qingshan, fire prevention publicity, and training local semi-professional fire extinguishers, and has made important contributions to maintaining ecological security in Xinjiang. The Spossito Tree, the spirit of the team is the ecological protection god of the desert area. In the middle of the summer, the sun is hot, the boundless Gobi big desert is roasting, and the shuttle of the shuttle, the shuttle bush, bringing vitality to the desert.

The land and film of Northern Northern Xinyi has become a squadron to refer to the fighters of the war. "Every team member has held the squadron’s excellent tradition. Squadron warriors often say that they are the most ordinary Sushu tree on this Gobi Beach, and use their actual actions to add vitality to Gobi, bring hope.

In the co-construction activities carried out each year with the stationary primary school, the squadron took the initiative to take some part from the salary allowance, helping more than 70 poor students. In these subsidized students, the longest benefits of benefiting time Harida. Squadron’s warfareman reached a consensus, set a special fund for Harida, will continue to her funds until she can live independently, this persistence is 13 years. The squadron said that the war is like a shuttle tree, and the roots are deeply covered in this earth in Usu. (The Emergency Management News Promotion Division and People’s Network are jointly launched) (Editor: Thin Morning, Shen Yuxin) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.