Solid a great spirit of poverty

Solid a great spirit of poverty

  Poverty is not your hit, poverty is not a battle. As long as there is a firm will and determined and put into practical actions, you can continue to get rid of poverty, achieving wealthy wonderful prospects. On April 6th, the State Council Information Office issued the "Chinese Practice of Human Poverty Reduction" white paper, with rich data and facts, China’s poverty reduction achievements, greatly enhanced the self-confidence of the Chinese nation, pride. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping has led the hundreds of millions of people to carry out the poverty battle. The whole party is in the same heart, and the hard work is hard. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is poorly stressed that the improving the great struggle of the poverty, and the forging has formed "up and down concentric, percentage of war, accurate pragmatic, pioneering and innovation, attacking hard, not negative people". Deep the poverty spirit has a deep era, is the advanced representative of the spirit of contemporary Chinese, must profoundly understand the value of the spirit of the povertyst, vigorously introduce the spirit of promoting the spirit of poverty, and transforming the spirit of the poverty to open into a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national new journey. Persistent power. The spirit of the poverty is the distinctive banner of the ideal beliefs of party members and cadres.

Deeping the poverty spirit carries the party’s initiality and mission, contains the ideal beliefs of the vast majority of poverty alleviation cadres and the truthfulness.

In the past eight years, under the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee, the country has launched a planned, organized, university, and the general poverty alleviation cadres have the absolute loyalty of the party, and insist on the national overalls, we will enter the grassroots poor area, day and night. Stick to the first line of fought in poverty alleviation.

They united and pragmatic, buried, and pioneering and pioneering, making an extraordinary performance in ordinary positions, and strive to achieve the good effect of true poverty alleviation, helping the poor, and tricking.

As a spiritual belief, it reflects the excellent character of the majority of poverty alleviation cadres. If people have no spirit, the country is not strong, and the spirit of depletion of poverty is the distinctive banner of the ideal belief in the new era of party members and cadres. The absolute loyalty, inspiring the work style of the majority of party members and cadres to establish a work style of the work, guiding the enthusiasm of the majority of party members and cadres.

  The spirit of poverty is to promote the vivid textbooks that are closely related to the masses. The people’s position is the fundamental political position of the Chinese Communist Party as the Marxist Ruling Party.

We will win the poverty battle, constantly satisfy the people ‘s yearning for a beautiful life, is the solemn commitment of the party to the people.

It can be seen that the core essentials that run through the poverty attack is the people’s first.

The heart is the biggest politics, and it is the most important performance for the people. In the war of university without smoke, countless party members cadres are full of controversy, persistent, actively promote accurate poverty alleviation, precisely poverty, they insist on the masses, relying on the masses, and think with the masses, dry together, full Mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the masses, and constantly respond to the expectations and demands of the masses. One step in a footprint to solve the various problems of poor areas and poor people, win the encouragement, support and trust of the masses.

In the end, the party will honor the history and people in the solemn commitment of "a comprehensive small-way road". Deeply improving the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party "for the Chinese people’s happiness, for the revival of the Chinese nation", which is the party and the people to maintain the heart, the vivid portrayal of the same breath, and the total fate, this great spirit is Promote the vivid textbooks that are closely related to the masses, and the majority of party members and cadres should always maintain the deep affection and flesh and blood of the party and the people, revealing the whole party to always enhance the people ‘s sense, happiness and safety in the heart, implement In action.

  Deeping the poverty is a strong weapon that constantly creates great miracles. Poverty is the obstruction of human civilized society, but poverty is not a fate of uncomfortable; poverty is not socialism, and socialism must work hard to get rid of poverty.

It is not easy to get out of the poverty, the great victory. In the hard war of poverty, this is the hard battle of poverty. Another huge difficulty, vigorously promoting the economic and social development of the poor area, so that the living situation of poor people, the spiritual scene of the poor, and the great struggle of this scale realize the history unprecedented, loaded into the history Victory.

The spirit of the poverty is distinguished, and the strength of the long-term power is made, reflecting the quality of the struggle, daring to win, indicating that there is no difficult truth that can hinder the pace of the party and the people.

In the world, there is no big change in the past 100 years, my country is in the context of realizing the key period of the Chinese nation, and the spirit of deformed campaign is guiding action, promoting work, creating a strong weapon, inspiring the whole party to bully Courage, maintain more high spirits, on the way forward to reform and development, courage to turn many "impossible" into reality, dare to transform complex situation to open future opportunities, and constantly create another great miracle. "The poverty poverty is not the end, but the new life, the starting point of the new struggle.

"The majority of party members and cadres have to be in the historic achievements of the whole victory in the university, in the spirit of the university, in the spirit of the university, and vigorously introduce the promotion" to the coincidence, perceive, accurate and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, attacking hard Difficult, unnecessary people, the spirit of poverty, constantly consolidating the results of poverty, and strives to serve the villages, and make a positive contribution to the new journey of building a comprehensive construction of socialist modernization, the vitality and vitality of the party and the party.

  Researcher ‘s Research Institute of China’ s Characteristic Socialist Ideological Institute of China.