Remediation of the chaos, let the skills talents

Remediation of the chaos, let the skills talents

  The Ministry of Education issued a notice to strictly regulate the enrollment, student status and funding management of secondary vocational schools. Notice requirements, check out the qualifications of schools, establish an annual inspection system for running schools in secondary vocational schools.

For schools that do not have the qualifications of secondary vocational education, the secondary school is divided into school, and the school is resolutely banned.

Strictly Secondary vocational school management, strictly prohibit the "Double Study".

  In recent years, relevant state departments have continuously developed policies, issued documents to encourage development vocational education, and the release of policies and dividends entered the expressway. According to the report released by the prospective study, 2015 and 2020, the scale of vocational education has expanded from 316 billion yuan to 985.9 billion yuan, an increase of 200%.

  However, with the development of secondary vocational education, all kinds of chaos are followed. First, enrollment.

Every time I enroll, some schools have been grabbing their births, publish false enrollment guides and advertisements; some schools have charged "running a sponsorship fee" "Recommend" "admission fee"; there is also a gray life trading, will students "Human head" sells high prices. The second is to charge.

CCTV recently exposed the news, the ninth supervision team of the Eighth Championships of the State Council received a number of receipts of the school’s violations from a small school school in Jiangxi Province.

In fact, many secondary vocational schools have the same chance on the school in Zhangzhou.

In addition to holding a diploma to pay, various professional qualification certification fees, makeup fees, internships, etc., many parents have a headache. The third is to manage chaos.

From time to time, the media will expose the media school to organize students to go to the factory line internship, and the news of the internship subsidy.

Summary Time The video of several student cadres of Heilongjiang Vocational College caused a hot discussion, and also triggered the public’s concern about the educational ecology of vocational schools. These chaos not only exacerbate parents’ negative stereotype impression on secondary vocational schools, but exacerbated the anxiety of the senior high school entrance examination, also seriously affecting and restricting the healthy development of vocational education.

The Ministry of Education will strike, combat and regulate the enrollment and management of secondary vocational schools.

  At the moment, as industrial upgrades and economic structural adjustments have accelerated, the demand for high-quality technical skills is more urgent, and vocational education assumes a greater heavy responsibility.

As an important cornerstone of the modern vocational education system, the development of middle-mouse education is related to the overall level of vocational education. Only in median education is far away, we can consolidate the foundation, cultivate more skill-type talents, and support the quality of the entity economy. In addition to strictly regulate enrollment from the source in the source, it should also increase investment, to reverse the situation of "heavy prolonged emphasis"; vocational education is cross-border education, need to integrate government, enterprises, The resources of society are jointly created in vocational education. Only in improving the quality of running schools, broadening the promotion of the promotion of the promotion, the middle-vocational school can change the status quo of "national attention, social despise, parents’ short-sigh", and become a skill talents.

          (Tan Min).