Tibet Lahu County: Enhance the Resources Effectiveness in Village with theme Education Achievements

Tibet Lahu County: Enhance the Resources Effectiveness in Village with theme Education Achievements

Tibet Lahu County: Taking the theme education achievement to promote the residential residence effectiveness 2020, February 20th, 10:37 Source: This newspaper Shigati (Reporter Zashilton) Since the second batch of "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme Since the development, the village team of the Tibet Lahu County has revolved around the "Guardian, the Mission, the gap, the implementation of the gap," to focus ", focus on the goal of being poverty, the people’s livelihood, economic development, etc. Synchronize the work and improve the resident resident in the village with the theme education results. Grasp the results, the political baptism, "cultivate the people".

Adhere to the main line of learning and implementing the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, the village team fully utilizes the night school, "three sessions", the theme party day activities, etc., focusing on the party rules, the party’s 19th "Xi Jinping talks about the national spirit" "Xi Jinping on" I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the "important discussion" and other content, adopt a study class, the topic, and the opposition, etc. And mission, firm firmly leading the poor people to get rid of poverty and get rich.

In 2019, the township team of the county had carried out more than 420 scenes of reading else, and organized to watch 160 scenes of warning educational film. Focus on accurate poverty alleviation, visit the "warm people". Touching the target mission of poverty in 2019, putting the levere adapter as the main battlefield, the main examination room, put the mission in the heart, the responsibility is on the shoulder, the county 394 in the village to help the cadres on the county 3156 household files Poor households and some non-poor people special difficulties launched the "dissection of sparrow" visits, focus on discovering and solving the "two unfair three guarantees".

At the same time, insist on in-depth field, farmhouse dam, farmers home, using popular and easy-to-understand language to preach Party Central Committee and counties regarding more than 8,300 scenes of the benefits of the benefits of poverty alleviation, focusing on the eradicate household "etc." Effectively stimulate the internal motility of the farmers and herdsmen to get rich and rich.

  Based on the needs of the masses, help do practical "solving the people". The residents in the village adhere to the needs of mass needs, closely around the "seven key tasks" of the new era cadres, and conscientiously implement the responsibilities and mission of the residents in the village, focusing on the income of poor people to meet the standard, safety housing , Health care, compulsory education, drinking water safety, etc.

According to statistics, Lahu County has completed 2137 households to renovate the renovation work, and the road traffic rate of administrative villages is%, and more than 80 of the accumulated contradictions and disputes, and helps the masses to do more than 320 pieces.

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