Tianjin: More than 60 exhibition activities during the two sections have a wonderful

Tianjin: More than 60 exhibition activities during the two sections have a wonderful

Original title: More than 60 exhibition activities during the two sections have been enjoyed the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, Tianjin Text Travel Bureau (City Cultural Relics Bureau) organizes the city’s museum, the memorial to carry out more than 60 rich exhibition activities during two sections , Enrich the holiday culture life of the people of the city.

  The city’s museum, memorial will launch a wonderful exhibition and characteristics during the Mid-Autumn National Day, including 49 exhibitions and 12 special experience activities specializing in the Mid-Autumn National Day two festival planning, let the audience feel a festive holiday atmosphere in the holidays. Saturday, Sunday, Tianjin Museum, Tianjin Art Museum, Li Shiqi, Tempete, etc. during the two sections, etc. (At 18:00 stop admission). The Tianjin Museum "Red Memory – Tianjin Revolutionary Cultural Relief" has carried out approximately 350,000 visitors since June 18. After the viewer’s viewing exhibition, he was very moving. Pride, while deep sense of responsibility, we must contribute to all the great revival of the Chinese nation. "

Zhou Enlai Deng Yingchao Memorial "Xinhaimen" ship has been opened to the outside world on September 1, and the "Xinhaimen" ship hoverted the deep feelings of Tianjin citizens to Comrade Deng Yingchao. story. The Battle of the Pingjin will hold the "Great Journey Sand Painting Exhibition", the exhibition period from mid-September to 31st.

Tianjin Natural Museum introduced from the Beijing Natural Museum of Natural Museum will be carried out during Mid-Autumn Festival, from September 20th to November 20th; Will meet the audience during the National Day.

Tianjin Art Museum will launch 5 temporary exhibitions such as "Chicheng Danqing’s Literary", Chen Zi’s 100-year Review Calligraphy and Calligraphy Exhibition, bringing a visual feast to the audience through different art forms. Yuan Ming Qing Tianzhu House Site Museum has passed the "Colun Torta" introduced by the Museum of Gansu Province through an archaeological perspective, eligible for more than 50 parts / sets of color pottery in various regions in Gansu Province, to Tianjin The public fully demonstrates the bright color culture of Gansu. During the two sections, the Zhou Enlai Deng Yinghao Memorial Hall will launch the "Qingzhong Autumn Welcome National Day" activities, Li Shutong, the Former Residence Memorial Hall will hold "Month is the hometown of the hometown of the crisp cake" "Mid-Autumn Festival" in the Miya Museum, the Mid-Autumn Festival, Human Festival "─ ─ Rabbit Production Events and" Colorful Autumn · Happy National Day "─ ─ Artifact Restoration Experience Activities, Mid-Autumn Festival Experience Activities in Dagou Forte Site Museum, Tianjin Xingjia The Mid-Autumn Festival Theme Pastry Mold and Old Items of Folk Museums will provide a leisure experience for the general public. (Reporter Liu Yinchengzhipeng) (Editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.