Relay Zhang Guimei! I really became you

Relay Zhang Guimei! I really became you

In 2015, the 22-year-old graduate graduates Zhou Yongli, stood on the podium of Yunnan Lijiang Huaping Women’s High School.

After returning to the alma mater, she became a high school math teacher. Looking at a Zhang Tiji in the classroom, her thoughts can not help but return to many years … Zhou Yunli is the first student of Huaping’s high. In 2008, she is facing out school due to family poverty, which is the opportunity to continue to study. After graduating from college in 2015, she had already approved a secondary school, but he heard that Huaping female high-default mathematics, did not hesitate to return to his alma mater with a team teacher, until a year later. Skinant, now has become the backbone teacher of the school, together with many teachers of Huaping, have received the power of Zhang Guimei in Zhang Gui Mi in Zhang Gui. It can become the first student of Huaping’s height, and Zhou Yunli still feels very lucky.

28 years ago, Zhou Yunli was born in a hillivore in Shilongba Township in Huaping County. When she was less than 1 year old, her mother died because of cancer, which made it imposed very poor families on snow. After that, the father and aged grandmother suffered from the pediatric polio, leaned against zero, breeded, and pulled her with my sister, and a family lived very hard. July 2008, 15-year-old Zhou Yunli and his sister graduated. The results of the middle school entrance examination, the scores of the two have reached the admission scores of local high schools. The good results of the sisters make the whole family very happy, but very quickly, the laughter disappears from home, a real problem appears: Where is the tuition fees come to "no longer let two children eat no culture!" Zhou Yongli’s father from small Didn’t read the book, even the names don’t write, and even pesticides can’t understand the words on the pole.

The father sold the things in the family’s money, borrowing money from relatives, but the money is far from making the fees for the two.

Looking at my father, I didn’t show up, my sister Zhou Yun Cui said to Zhou Yunli: "You have better results than me, you go to study, I will go to work for home." But Zhou Yongli knows that my sister wants to go to school. The mood is as strong as she is Just as a family is helpless, Zhou Yunli heard that the county has just set up a free high school, specializing in the girls in poor mountains.

This news allowed the sisters to be out of help, re-igniting the hope of learning.

Soon, my father found the principal Zhang Guimei, and the sisters quickly received the admission notice of Huaping. On September 1, 2008, the first 100 students of Huaping Major were reported.

Zhou Yongli still clearly remember the scene of seeing Teacher Zhang for the first time.

On that day, my father took her and her sister, carrying a simple baggage, just stepped into the school gate, I saw a teacher who smiled very warm, and quickly came from the teaching building. Zhang Guime first gave the sisters a big hug, then stared at their shoulders: "Girl, women welcome you! From now on, here is your home." Zhou Yunli came to the dormitory with Mr. Zhang, saw new The bedding is stacked, and each bed is attached to the student’s name. Zhou Yongli found his name and stroked the little strip and couldn’t help but cry.

Classmates with the dormitory told her that schools not only exempt students’ tuition, book fees, accommodation fees, but also sent unified school uniforms, bedding, baggage boxes, and students can only bear living. Students who are particularly poor in the family, the school is eliminating.

On the day, Zhou Yongli’s father pulled Zhang Guimei’s hands and tears.

In Zhou Yongli, that is, she wanted to tears from Xiaoyao for the first time.

Zhou Yongli entered the same year, Huaping women were still under construction, facilities were very simple. On the playground, there is only one teaching building in the school, there is no canteen, toilet, dormitory building, and students go to the toilet to go to the school. The school has no tap water, and the students can only wash their clothes next to the school. The turbid water makes the clothes that have been dried and turned into a mall. In the past, Zhang Guime is accompanied by Zhang Guime. It became the mental pillar of Zhou Yunli and the students. Every day, Zhang Guimei organizes students to sing a revolutionary song and listen to a revolutionary story.

"Red rice, pumpkin soup, dig wild vegetables, also as food …" The first day of school, Zhou Yunli and classmates follow Zhang Guimei to sing this revolutionary song. After singing, Zhang Guime said to the student: "Now our school is very hard, but we can still eat a full meal, eat grass roots than the Red Army long, eat the belt, don’t know how many times, we must use the revolutionary ancestors difficult , Hard work, overcome the current difficulties.

"Without the Communist Party, there is no new China" "Hongmei" … in a revolutionary song, a revolutionary story is subtle, Zhou Yunli and classmates know how to build a difficulties, and more cherish the difficult learning. Opportunity. In the past, the family poverty, the mother is too late, the right eye is unfortunately, and has deeply stabbed the young heart of Zhou Yongli.

At the age of 6, one day she suddenly had a high fever and has not retired. My father didn’t read the book. I didn’t know the serious consequences of high fever. I only took her to the hometown of small clinics.

After the problem, the father took her inspection with her to the Sichuan Panzhihua Central Hospital. The doctor told her father that she led to acute corneal inflammation due to high burning, the right eye was blind, and the lifelong disability was lost.

Zhou Yunli once complained that God’s unfair: "Why don’t have a complete family, happy childhood, and I have to suffer so many suffering." When she was very small, she settled the next ambition – walked out of the mountain to make a lot of money. But after entering the female height, under Zhang Guimei’s education, she has changed their ideals: people do not have to earn a lot of money, but must be a useful person to society.

"The tall teachers let me see the greatness of the people’s teachers.

From high school, a teacher became my ideal. Zhou Yunli said. High school three years, under Zhang Guimei’s companion encouragement, Zhou Yunli fights to study hard. In 2011, she took the admission notice of Yunnan Normal University after the results of the Yunnan Normal University. High, telling you this good news for the first time.

Zhang Guimei took her admission notice and saw it again. The eyes couldn’t help but wet, and Zhou Yongli said: "Children, the future. However, the future road is still long, remember every woman in the woman’s high school The first song, I have heard every revolutionary story. "The university four years, Zhou Yunli always remembers Zhang teacher’s, study hard. In July 2015, she graduated from Yunnan Normal University with excellent results.

When I graduated, she has already admitted to a teacher position in a secondary school in Ningxian County, Lijiang City.

But listening to classmates said that Huaping female high-default teacher, she did not hesitate to give up the formal preparation just test, returned to the alma mater to serve as a team teacher, until the test is turned forward one year.

In fact, Zhou Yunli has long been going back to the wishes of the high school.

"I especially want to come back, the female high is like another home.

"She said, but because I worried that Teacher Zhang asked high, she couldn’t reach her request. She didn’t dare to say it with Mr. Zhang several times.

Just arrived in the school, Zhou Yunli was afraid that he had taught himself, and he presented the question in the whole day of the teaching, and he seriously got a lesson. Once, she didn’t have a school gate for a whole week. When I went out to buy daily items on the weekend, I found that there was no money to remember. "Sometimes I will try it out, but I feel very embarrassed whenever this thought is just coming out, I am afraid that Mr. Zhang will be disappointed." Zhou Yunli said, "There is no female high and Teacher Zhang, I will not be today.

I only have to do well, help more children in the mountains to take a university, is my best repayment to the female high and Zhang.

"Now, she has become a school’s backbone teacher. Let her have a distressed thing, they gradually be unique, but the wings are full, but the" Zhang Mu "," Zhang Mu, who once stayed with her every day. " It is already faltering and suffering from pain.

"Especially in recent years, Teacher Zhang has a lot of thin, and it has been very old. She is very urgent, and she doesn’t care about her body.

"Zhou Yunli is not much, but she has been silently careing about Zhang Guimei.

"Sometimes, when she came to our office, she also strongly struck the spirit. I couldn’t think that she was very tired." She didn’t want us to worry about us. "In Huaping women, all teachers and students know, Zhang Guimei There is a wish that has not been implemented: sending a female high-student into Tsinghua, Peking University.

"I hope I can help Mr. Zhang to achieve this dream.

Zhou Yunli said.