Realize the Great Coalition (People’s Review) with embroidery Kung Fu

Realize the Great Coalition (People’s Review) with embroidery Kung Fu

  Exploring the good governance of the big city, you need to refine the beauty of the city, present the temperature of the city with the humanized scale, to build a total of condensation of the cohesive governance to answer the era of good governance in the big city, inseparable from the specific characteristics of the oversized city And development law, explore innovation due to local conditions. This requires the upgrade of the concept. The system is improved. It also requires the support of the technology. The participation of the masses in Beijing has improved the "complaints" working mechanism. The 12345 hotline responds all-day, let the people do good things, do business; Shanghai explore digital governance " Minimal management unit, strive to achieve the goal of "aware of a building" to "join a street, smart zone, warm a city"; Shenzhen combined with "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, promote the renovation of old urban areas, Farmers Market Management and other projects, enhance the human environment … In recent years, my country has continuously explored the trend of oversized cities, with embroidery Kung Fu to achieve the governance of the city. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Go out of a large city management new road, constantly improving the city management level." Super city, ready to live more than 10 million people in the city.

According to the seventh national census data, my country’s super large city has 7 cities in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Tianjin. Modern governance in large cities involves a variety of fields such as economic operation, ecological environment, and government service, and it can be said that it is nothing. For those who live in the city, the governance is specific and subtle. Small to a well cover, a green land, big to a street, a community, carrying people’s pursuit and yearning for a better life.

Therefore, how to make the oversized city operate more good or order at the macro dimension, while continuously improving people’s live feelings, testing the level of urban governance.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The first-class city must have first-class governance, pay attention to the scientific, refinement, intelligent, and," from all local practice, continuous improvement of urban management level, must be embroidered, with care, patience, Coincidentally, embroidered the quality brand of the city. Take the "recesession" working mechanism of Beijing as an example, the masses can do the most concerned, how is it more convenient. The 12345 integrates 54 hotlines, Beijing, departments, 343 streets (townships), and 44 state-owned enterprises in the city are included in the contract. The masses feedback, "12345 truth management, do not go out!" 12345 looks a number, actually a system: a group caught the coordination, a hotline listening to the appeal, one sent a single tube to the end, a volume of rolls, a set of mechanisms promote. In order to curing experience, the "Beijing Character Recline is the Work Regulations" has passed and implemented, so that this reform enters the new stage of the rule of law.

  Exploring the good governance of the big city, you need to rejuvenate the city of the city with fineness, present the temperature of the city with the humanized scale, and share the cohesive governance synergy. For example, in order to let the masses "to do one thing", Shanghai "One Netcom" achieves full coverage of administrative examination and approval, continuously promotes process reconstruction, data sharing.

Taking the child’s birth, it has been used as an example. From 22 shrinkages from 22, the length of time is reduced from nearly 20 days. From running multiple times, it has become a maximum of one or even zero, reflects the humanistic care in urban governance. .

In order to "high-efficiency dispose of one thing", "a network system" accessed more than 50 departments, more than 1,000 applications, and promoted "coordination" becomes "collaboration." At the same time, the use of generally knowledgeable equipment throughout the city and millions of urban governance "neuron", Shanghai can "physical examination" for the city. Entering in winter, I used a few bridges in the past year, and the pavement Ice sensor was installed. As long as the road surface temperature drops to 2 degrees Celsius, emergency personnel and engineering vehicles will receive alarm, and immediately take anti-slip measures.

These governance initiatives reflect the refinement of urban governance. Answering the era of harm to the big city, inseparable from the specific characteristics and development laws of oversized cities, and explore innovation in terms of local conditions. This requires the upgrade of the concept, the improvement of the system, also requires the support of the technology, and the participation of the masses, ensuring that the natural growth and organic update are always in an orderly moderate, vibrant state, and thereby continuously enhance the people’s sense, happiness, sense of security. (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see.