Quzhou County Innovation Promoting "3348" Comprehensive Tree Mechanism

Quzhou County Innovation Promoting "3348" Comprehensive Tree Mechanism

People’s Daily News, January 3 (Zhu Long Super), in order to strengthen the modernization of grassroots social governance ability, Hebei Province Quzhou County Innovation has implemented a three-level platform, opening a three-level case, implement four grids, and implement eight systems For the main content of the "3348" comprehensive management work mechanism, the social governance and service will be removed from the grassroots level, and a large number of letters and visits will be resolved, the new case is closed, and the resolution rate has reached two 100%.

In October 2018, Quzhou County Party Committee and County Government combined with the "two committees", the party was established as a leader, with the focus of grassroots rural villages, the "3348" comprehensive management mechanism was implemented in the county. The first "3" is the work platform for building a strong third-level comprehensive treatment center.

Regulate the position of the county, township, village three-level comprehensive management center, set up interpretation of mental resolution room, solving problems and difficulties in the room, conscientiously engaged in people, group service, and actively promote informationization, physical construction. The second "3" is to open the county, township and village three-level comprehensive management work. In 2019, there will be more than 1150 cases of the county rural three-level comprehensive treatment. Each time I pull out the list of questions, I will study one by one, and I will clarify the responsible unit and personnel one by one.

"4" is to build a four-level comprehensive work.

Set the county as "first-level grid", township, county straight units as "second-level grid", and all grassroots administrative villages are "third-level grid". In the village with the "two committees" cadre, the same number of grids are "fourth-level grid".

The county sets a total of 2888 hierarchical grids, achieving four-level grid full coverage.

"8" is to establish an "eight system". On the basis of regulating the position of the county, township and village three-level comprehensive management center, all departments in the county have established a system, convenience service contact system, convenient service contact system, center personnel information publicity system, and public Select the four-level grid mediator system, grid WeChat matrix push information system, confidential disputes in the conflict system, contradictory investigation and resolution system, accompanying the rights system, etc. Quzhou County passed the "3348" comprehensive management mechanism, so that the safe construction of the tentacles extended to the grassroots level and realized the "Quadruple Mechanism" of the Comprehensive Tree Network. One is the whole domain coverage. Adhere to the county counties, townships (communities), and villages in all counties, all the townships and towns (communities), villages, coordinate the integration of the work responsibilities of various departments, the new social governance system of the county town villages. Adhere to safety production inspections, environmental inspections, illegal management, social security inspections, social situation visits, information collection, grassroots party building, social daily management, contradiction, people’s livelihood safety, etc., the work content, Incident in the formation of 12 specific target tasks, forming a practical function, incorporating the service management platform, tracking the supervision of the supervision. The second is all men.

Focusing on the promotion of the members of the party and cadres, visit the people, listen to the people, solve the worries, and the people’s heart, and realize the contact service. Through improved existing meshes, refine the segmentation mesh unit, all levels of leading cadres are included in the grid, implement grid responsibilities, form "everyone to participate, and build a grid" situation. The third is the proportion of the whole department. In accordance with the requirements of the superior document, focus on the general meter, promote the group service. By integrating informationization into the various fields of meshing work, the management responsibility and functional departments of people, land, things, things, things, and organizational, etc. are bundled. Integrate all the work, in accordance with grid management mode, build "General Grid", optimize functions and resource integration. The fourth is comprehensive development.

Taking the comprehensive work platform of the Comprehensive Grid Services Management Platform, integrating party building, discipline inspection, urban management, environmental protection and other work platforms, forming a comprehensive system based on safety production supervision, environmental protection monitoring, service, comprehensive management, and party members management and other functions Management service platform. Unblocked "Grid issues, mass opinions, real-time issues monitoring" channels, realize the convergence sharing of data resources, in order to deepen the development of grassroots social governance work.

Since the operation of the "3348" computer work mechanism, a large number of social opinion has been solved, and the problem of resolving a large number of people’s appeal is resolved, and the accurate investigation of contradiction disputes and safety hazards.

It has been subject to 630 people in the people’s livelihood, and the rate of consistency is 100%. The satisfaction rate of the masses is reached, "six hundred" safe rural creation rate reaches up to 1%.

In the future, Quzhou County will focus on the dataization, intelligence, information construction of comprehensive management work. In the promotion of the grid operation, it will be upgraded to the service management of the people’s appeal, and the party’s leadership is implemented. Go to the grassroots, ensure that the masses have problems have a problem, someone asks, some people have done, resolve, and resolve the problem in place.

(Editor: He Xuewei, Shi Jianzhong).