The movie "We are the First Secretary" released the "Moon" version of MV to pay tribute to the first secretary

The movie "We are the First Secretary" released the "Moon" version of MV to pay tribute to the first secretary

  From Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Net, Beijing Wonderful, Beijie, Hua Lu Baina joint products, Renjie Director’s movie "We are the first secretary" today release movie episode "Moon" MV. The film is the first time in the field of news materials to relying on the film to rely on the film. The "First Secretary" is taking the "First Secretary", which is the "Emotion Notepad" of the first secretary who struggle in the universal attack. The spiritual monument on the poverty battlefield is to pay tribute to all the "warriors" participating in the poverty and attack, and is the footsteps and spirit of the next generation to pursue and look back. This film will be released nationwide from December 3.

  The incarnation of the Mingyue illuminates the child’s future film episode "Moon" by Han Bingwang, Sun Nan composes and sang.

"I really worked my grandchild" "I hope, there is a lamp, you can" "My father and mother are very hard" … MV start, the worry of the mountains, the child’s voice, one screen poke the picture It will be realized in front of the living environment in the poor mountainous area, and people are tears.

  There is a group of people, come against the wind.

They have a common name – the first secretary.

With Sun Nan’s vented hygrus, the first secretary appeared in the picture. They come from afar, hill the mountain, travel long distance, go to the children who have been poor mountains. "He came, I gave us two kindergarten" "I want to use my actions to deal with them, to drive them" … they are teachers who do children, counseling their children; they are children’s parents, Let the child who lost his loved ones reappeared home; they went to door to door to visit, patiently persuade those who escaping, let the village know the importance of school, understand "reading the book is the best future" "" child is true In the future, it is hope. "

The first secretary is like a round of Mingyue, luminating the eyes of the expectations, becoming the children from the mountains, and the "lights" of the better future.

  The first secretary of the example power to interpret the top of the example is to lead the footsteps of more people, and use the way to explain the role model.

Because of their arrival, the children who changed their destiny, they also treated them as an example, and they will build their hometowns together after returning.

"I remember everything you do for me." All the first secretary has been in his heart by the children.

The light on their body illuminates others and has become the light of others. "You are a big breeze, blowing happiness. You are like a mountain, watching the quiet village. Put your hopes and smiles, all into a dream.

"The lyrics of a warm heart represent the children who want to say to the first secretary.

The movie is borrowed by the "Moon", and the first secretary of the child in the noddler: Thank you! The most beautiful moon gives the most respectable person.

This time, let us "come to them". On December 3, go to the cinema together to pay tribute to the example of this era.