Tianjin: At the end of 2025, it achieved 1 ambulance every 30,000 people.

Tianjin: At the end of 2025, it achieved 1 ambulance every 30,000 people.

Original title: At the end of 2025, it achieved 1 ambulance throughout 2025. The radius of service radiors in the Tianjin urban area will not exceed 4 kilometers, and the radius of the farmers in the farming area will reach 10 km – 20 kilometers; every 30,000 people live Configure 1 ambulance, a negative pressure ambulance ratio reaching 40%; the city is reported to reaching the on-site average time falling within 9 minutes.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Health and Health Committee on October 18 that according to the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan of the latest hospital in Tianjin, Tianjin will continue to promote the advancement of high quality development, and the hospital. Former medical emergency efficiency leads in the country. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, during the 13th Five-Year Plan, the city has built and runs the city’s emergency center and 6 first aid points, and the standards of 1 first aid site are set up and run 204 according to each 80,000 homes. First aid site, the radius of medical emergency service in front of the hospital was significantly shortened. Although Tianjin City, the first aid network layout is getting more and more perfect, the command system is constantly improving, and the personnel have been effectively supplemented, the vehicle facilities continue to be complete, but the hardware conditions still need to be further improved, and the information level still needs further improvement.

  During the introduction, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Tianjin will focus on improving the construction and network layout of pre-hospital emergency institutions, continue to implement emergency center and division, first aid center, first aid site grading management and emergency site "City Management Zone Construction" construction Dimensional mode.

Specifically include: promoting the construction of the city’s emergency center Meijiangyuan District, all-round promotion hall, emergency medical rescue base, training center, archives case library and other facilities, and gradually improve the emergency department of the city’s emergency department office and ambulance parking conditions.

The Government of Five Ossue Five Districts and Binhai New Area has strengthened the investment and guidance of the construction of the first aid center in the region to ensure the first aid center in line with the construction standards and give full play to the core role of the former health care, emergency medical rescue and infectious hospital. Combined with the Tianjin regional service population, service radius, geographic environment, traffic conditions, medical emergency demand actually adjust the existing first-aid site planning layout; rural areas can establish a first aid site in Rural Areas, and the township hospital first aid site accepts the city emergency center or this The unified dispatch of the first aid center center.

  According to the plan, Tianjin will also optimize the allocation and facilities of the vehicle, in addition to reasonable configuration of the emergency center, the first ambulance center ambulance, improve the different uses and performance ambulances, will also implement the air facilities and equipment refine management, equipped with carrier Tools, first aid facilities and communication equipment, while meeting the needs of patients with sudden infectious diseases such as neoguan pneumonia. Create a "pre-hospital wisdom first aid" service system, promote the setup road execution task ambulance electronic logo, by installing "RFID Tag", quickly and accurately identifying the ambulance identity by fixed or mobile reading base station, realizing ambulance that is performing task in the goal The road intersection is preferred; promoting the pre-hospital medical emergency network and the emergency connection of the hospital, regulating the working handover procedures in the courtyard, relying on the chest pain center, stroke center, trauma center, critical maternal and critically ill-new children’s treatment center, establish the inner court Green channel. (Reporter Xu Yang) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian) ??sharing let more people see.