The most beautiful vows of a grassroots police

The most beautiful vows of a grassroots police

  The picture shows Chen Shuai to participate in the red-blue competition competition in Liaoning Province.

Xinhuanet issued Xinhuanet Shenyang February 2 (Liu Shu) Recently, the "shining name 2020 most beautiful grassroots police" jointly held by the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Public Security announced that the Jinzhou Public Security Bureau patrol special police detachment special police assault Chen Shuo Shuai, the team captain, won the honorary title of "the most beautiful grassroots police".

  In 2004, Chen Shuai has transferred to the local public security organ from the troops.

As the brigade of the special police commando, Chen Shuai is responsible for armed patrol, emergency, perform special duty, dangerous diligence, patrol, investigation, arrest suspect, etc., each task he charges before, actual action Keep in mind the promise to protect one party. On the evening of September 8, 2018, the police in Gu Taun District, Jinzhou City, the suspect hijacked two hostages.

Chen Shuai immediately clearly divided into operation immediately, and he took a team member to carry out negotiations at the door.

During the negotiation process, the suspects were emotionally excited, and the words were fierce. Chen Shuai knows that if the suspect is very likely to hurt the hostage.

  So Chen Shuai is turned on, led the special battle team to rush into the room, during the close range of struggles, the sharp knife in the hand of the suspect is in the left arm of Chen Shuai. He strongly endured the pain, firmly control the wrist of the criminal, and finally arrested the suspect with his colleagues.

After diagnosis, Chen Shuai left arm elbow tendon was broken, and the wound was deeply visible. In 2020, in the work of fighting new coronal pneumonia, Chen Shuai was in addition to the daily maintenance and control of prevention and control, and was also responsible for strengthening the epidemic prevention and control of key regions of the infectious disease hospital, and the patient’s transportation task during the operation of the new coronal pneumonia treatment center. . In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic, Chen Shuai scientifically planned, and developed the work plan and program for disposal of emergencies.

During the period, the special police assault team successfully completed 12 new crown virus infected people in Huludao and Chaoyang transferred to Liaoning New Crown Pneumonia to concentrate Jinzhou Center, and in Shenyang Airport, Dalian Airport, Jinzhou Bay Airport and Jinzhou Railway Station, The passenger station has carried out a transfer of 385 entry returns. "It is not easy to do the simplest thing, and do the most ordinary things. If you do your best, things are doing your own job." This is what Chen Shuai often said. " From the police career, he gave love to someone who didn’t know.

  On the weekdays, Chen Shuai often enters the community to help the community to take care of the elderly, adjust the neighborhood dispute, and actively get in touch with the local street community, establish a helper. In addition, the team members also use the party group day activities to issue legal knowledge, fire safety, anti-theft and anti-grabbing and other leaflets.

  From the police, Chen Shuai first entered the second-class work, three times, 2 times, excellent party workers, 1 excellent political and legal police, was rated as "the most beautiful police in the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department " The special police assault team he led by the Ministry of Public Security "National Excellent Public Security Grassroots Unit".