True love flies to the "folding"

True love flies to the "folding"

  [Warm News] Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily News (Reporter Yu Xi report) 200 yuan, 10,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan & hellip; & hellip; these days, Urumqi is a cold, can be in Daban City, a shares Warm flow is surging, a pen love, good, poured to the wing flower season girl small plus (pseudonym).

  In June 2018, the small plus a team of Tianshan Pasture, the Tianshan Ranch, Tianshan Ranch, Dabu City, Dabu City, Urumqi, was fell to her horses. In the past 3 years, in order to let Xiaodu stand up, the family takes her four doctors.

Afterwards in the Dabak City Taxation Bureau, I visited the Dingguo Tower’s Community, Ding Guojin, Xiaosong, to Beijing a hospital treatment, and the current physical condition has improved significantly.

  Not long ago, the reporter has issued the news in the Pomegranate Cloud client with the "Lightsman Brings the Women’s Seasonal Girl". The report has caused the attention of the readers, and the love phone is one, and the community is small. Plus follow-up rehabilitation treatment relay donation.

  In the donation activities held on December 8, the Daban District Taxation Bureau said that the Beijing experts will contact Beijing experts and develop detailed treatment programs according to small clinics; contact public welfare psychological counselors and use remote consultation Or line consultation, etc., psychological counseling for small plus; help small plus family develop cattle and sheep farming, broaden income channels.

  The person in charge of the school in small plus said that it will conduct education security actions for small plus, including online delivery, ensuring that no less than 30 times per semester. At the same time, according to small learning, the teaching plan is developed.

  Xiao’s father Hani, Byk, told reporters that he did not have a lot of hope for his child, but did not expect that in the help of the team, so many good people in society pay attention to them, this light The hope of their lives. As of December 10, the 13-year-old Kazaka girl small plus has received more than 170,000 yuan from all walks of life.

  Sitting in a wheelchair, I used to be desperate, but the warmth of the motherland’s family made me confidence. I will actively cooperate with doctors and strive to go back to school soon. Small plus.