Tianjin Beichen District People’s Court "five dimensions" promoted education and rectification

Tianjin Beichen District People’s Court "five dimensions" promoted education and rectification

Since the development of education and rectification, Tianjin Beichen District People’s Court resolutely implemented the Party Central Committee and the Municipal Party Committee, the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, the District Committee, strengthen the organization leadership, and grasped the learning education, and self-examination and self-correction, rectifying the disorder disease, and practicing judicial Adhere to the "five dimensions" work synchronously, promote the education and rectification to obtain phased outcomes.

"A hand" insists on the shoulders, "personally tested, directly, focusing on", pushing the business backbone formation special offices and various implementations, clear goals, standardize the action, and refine Measures, leaders from the hospital to each police, step by step, and ensure that education rectification is declined.

With the "four education", he highlights all staff to cover the normal school, leading cadres leaders, is a combination of anti-education, with the branch as a unit centralized organization, four-speed reading class, will be normalized every Friday Study time, accumulate more than 80 exchanges of exchanges, and more than 2,300 cases have written experience.

The special counseling lecture, 27 revolutionary traditional education, the team members took the lead in 20 collars, promoting the political "three power", and built political loyalty. Beichen Court held three police conferences, repeatedly declare from wideness of strict policies, combined with the topic democratic life, organizational life meetings and "home visits" work, continuously inspiring the internal force of self-examination.

Talking about the principle of "Si Ming four talks" work, through clarity of the main body extensive talk, clear the way, clear the content, clear the effects, guide the dry police, open the heart, face the problem, and force the test correction and change . As the top priority, the trail verification and case review continued to carry out the "seven investigation" work, and complete self-examination and investigation work on all key cases, combined with the work characteristics of the court system, surrounding the eight toddust d’affaires, and has All complete rectification.

Throughout the "I do practical things for the masses", I have launched the "Ten Ten" of the people in the people: the top ten ": focusing on the grassroots basic construction, set up 3 Qingguang court convenience workstations, open the same name WeChat public account, open service The masses "last km". Focus risk hazard prevention, policy Huimin Hui enterprises, combined with department functions, "four into four lectures" law preached more than 50 games, benefiting thousands of people.

Focus on contradictory dispute resolution, improve the leading cadres to visit, let visitors visit the people’s return visit work mechanism, and promote the substantive resolution of re-visiting cases.

The focus quality image is improved, open up the "green channel" of the people’s livestation, providing the on-site case, home mediation service, and enhance the people’s judicial feelings. In the final stage of the summing of the political and legal team education, the Beichen Court will further improve the political station, strengthen the responsibility, one drum, and sustainably, ensure that political ecology is further optimized, the discipline style is further improved, the quality capacity is further enhanced, the judiciary The public trust is further improved, so that the people see the real changes.

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