Qiqihar City 2022 "famous school ethics" online registration opened 1127 personnel units "Virtual Bit"

Qiqihar City 2022 "famous school ethics" online registration opened 1127 personnel units "Virtual Bit"

In order to continue to implement talents, Qiqihar City decided to continue to carry out the "famous school educational" selection work. In 2022, "Premium" plans introduced 1127 outstanding graduates, including 170 institutions in the city, 957 institutions in the county (city) area.

Extraordinary college graduates should be registered.

Appletters can log in to "Qiqihar Talent Network". Among them, the municipal education bureau directly affiliated to the job registration time is from November 25th to November 30th. Other post registration time is from 9:00 to December 10, 17:00.

Each person limits a position, and the system is no longer accepted. Bachelor degree graduates must be born after January 1, 1992, and the remote areas can be sealed until January 1, 1987 (inclusive) is born later; graduate graduates must be on January 1, 1987 ( Born later; full-time doctoral student and deputy higher vocational age can be properly relaxed. Specific positions and conditions can be viewed in the website. It should be noted that the predetermother, three batches of undergraduate students, three school students to enrollment and specialist upgrades can only sign up for their hard work in remote areas; art majors, sports majors, art special students, sports special students only There is a position and remote area of ??the corresponding professional needs, and it has been used by Qiqihar City and the county (city) district (city) (including special post teachers) not included in the selection range; orientation Cultivate, the new graduates who entrusted cultivation are not included in the scope of employment.

If the introduction of the financial full budget granting institutions, all of them are determined as the Qiqihar City "Premium". The full-time graduate student of the world’s "double-first-class" construction college graduates gives one-time subsidy, 30,000 yuan of master’s degree, 50,000 yuan for doctoral students. After establishing a personal contributor account, apply for a provident fund loan from being limited by the payment of the provident fund account, and the loan quota is up to 1 million yuan.

If you meet the conditions, you can apply for a talent apartment according to the relevant regulations.

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