The next generation also loves to read "Harry Potter"?

The next generation also loves to read "Harry Potter"?

  [Global Times Specific Reporter Ji Double City] Castle, Magic, Wizard … These British familiar literary elements, combined with imagination through "Harry Potter", so that British read "Harry · Harry · Porter will still feel different.

This year is the first film of the "Harry Potter" series. In fact, in addition to movies, "Harry Potter" series still has an influence in the UK, and the popularity is not less than 20 years ago.

  Although the "Harry Potter" series is an extremely dark magic subject, it is still a "children’s book" in the UK – "Harry Potter" series of books in the British bookstore in London. The position of place is still in the C bit (center location) as in the position of 20 years ago. The price is also the same as that year, never been used as a price reduction sale.

The only thing is that today’s work is a complete set of sales.

After "Harry Potter", the book series such as "The City" "Hunger Game" is successful.

However, "Twilight City" will be replaced by "hunger game" in occupying book leaderboards, and the popularity of "Harry Potter" is lasts.

Today, the first part of the series of "Harry Potter and Magic Stone" is still in front of the British children’s reading.