The Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a large quarterly project construction

The Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a large quarterly project construction

Original title: Using the core work of project construction as the core work of economic development, promoting high-quality project construction, promoting high-quality development on May 6, the Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a quarter-quarterly project construction competition activity, conveyed the provincial economy operation scheduling The spirit of the meeting, the ways of all districts and counties, and various functional districts use PPT reports, concentrate on display results and bright spots, learn experience and practice, incentive project competition and catch up, further promote the city’s project "five-to-five fight" activities, Creating a good atmosphere of project construction competition is advanced and promoted. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Zhang Weiwen attended and speaking, President Li Hongya, chairman of the CPPCC, attended him. City leaders Zhou Xuehai, Yang Jianzhong, Wang Hong, Huang Baoshu, Yang Jinquan, Wang Fang, Wei Jin Wen, Hu Junfeng, etc. Lu Linbang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the executive deputy mayor of the Municipal Party Committee.

In the event, it was notified that the city’s project construction is in general, and the various districts and counties and functional districts have been a work report. Zhang Weiwen seriously listened to everyone’s statement, pointed out that project construction is committed to economic development, with the role of holding a whole body, is the core work of catching economic development. All departments at all levels must firmly establish the "project as the king" concept, pay attention to the focus on the spirit of the development, focus on the project, lock the breakthrough in the project to the project, The project construction promotes economic development and provides persistent driving force for high quality development. Zhang Weiwen emphasized that time is not equal, and the development is more reminded.

Standing in a new starting point, entering a new journey, we must wait, slowly, the sense of urgency and the sense of crisis, really grasp the trunk, attack the hard, and fully set off the project to build a new wave, with the nail spirit A planned project is implemented, striving to create a new situation in economic and social development.

All districts and counties, departments should consequentize the formation of ideology as our joint action, and further enhance the level and quality of the project work.

To truss our struggle objectives with the big construction of the project, strive to achieve better results in project construction.

It is necessary to use the real-handed effectiveness to reflect our responsibility, promote high quality development with high level projects, and make greater contributions to the city construction of modern central. (Editor: Chen Cheng, Zhou Yuting).